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Dear Friend,

  id you know that 295 football players have suffered catastrophic head and neck injuries since 1977? And around two thirds of them were defensive players trying to execute a tackle? 

Many of those kids wound up permanently disabled, in wheelchairs, walkers... or worse.

It's a bummer to think about -- but an important fact that all youth football coaches should understand.

Good news is... there's a lot we can do about it.

Doctors, researchers, and coaching professionals all agree that drilling young players in proper tackling technique is the single most important step we can take to protect our kids.

And the truth is...

Proper Tackling Technique Isn't
Just Safer, It's Also More Effective!

Once your kids learn how to make contact without getting hurt, they'll start moving faster and more aggressively on the field, and executing their tackles with 100% commitment and confidence.

And once they're tackling with confidence, they can start mastering the finer points of defensive football... reading keys, sniffing out plays, beating blockers, and executing your defensive scheme.

Here are some ideas you can start implementing in practice right away...

3 Simple Tips For Better Tackling


First and foremost, players should NEVER use the top of their helmets to tackle, block or strike an opponent.

Make sure your kids understand that the helmet is a protective device, not a missile to be launched into other players.

Second, tackling drills should be run at half-speed, especially in the early part of the season.

Focus on proper technique and form, not on pulverizing the ball-carrier. Save the full contact for the game!


Third, expose your kids to a variety of tackling situations, so they can develop the correct footwork, timing, and body mechanics to make a fundamentally sound tackle anywhere on the field.

I like using one head-on tackling drill, one angle tackling drill, and one sideline tackling drill in every practice.

How To Implement Safe
Tackling Into Your Practices

If you want to learn more about proper tackling technique and pick up some new drills to use in practice, then please listen up -- I have a killer new resource that's going to knock your socks off!

It's an online video clinic called "Tackling 101 For Youth Football."

Inside, you'll find a complete step by step formula that shows you EXACTLY how to teach tackling to players 12 and under, in the safest, most effective way possible.

From fit position, to footwork, straight on tackling, angle tackling, open field tackling, sideline tackling, reading and reacting to ball-carriers, block-shedding and more… it's all here.

And it's all explained with detailed coaching pointers, break down drills and step by step video demonstrations.

It's perfect if…

You're a rookie beginner, and you want to learn the CORRECT way to teach tackling fundamentals
You're a football dad, and you're looking for some pointers to give your kid the extra edge

You're a seasoned coach who knows the ropes, and you need some fun, new drills to spice up your practices and reinforce safe tackling technique

Okay, you're probably hungry for some details, so here's some more info on what you'll be learning inside the online clinic.

Eliminating The Fear Of Contact

Teaching your players to tackle with correct fundamentals helps eliminate the fear of contact and prevent injury
Unlike Little League baseball, basketball, or other popular youth sports… football is a very physical game… and it's only natural that some kids might shy away from contact at first.

To help you navigate through this issue, we'll show you how to introduce tackling to your kids the RIGHT way… in a safe, risk-free environment that allows them to learn the fundamentals without fear of getting hurt.

How To Run a Form Tackling Progression

Next, you'll learn a proven 2-step drill progression for basic form tackling technique, including the "Fit Drill" and "One Step Fit Drill."

It's the fastest, easiest way to develop proper fit position, with a focus on bending the knees, getting the feet shoulder width apart, bulling the neck, keeping the head up and wrapping the arms.

4 Point Explosion Drill

This is one of my personal favorites - a simple little drill that trains your players to engage the TRUE source of power in the tackling motion.

(HINT: it's not the legs, chest, shoulders, or arms)

Explosion Lift Drill

The 4-point explosion drill trains your players to tap into the TRUE source of tackling power
Once you've got the basics down, we'll move on to some more advanced material.

The explosion lift drill teaches your players to recruit the knees, ankles and waist into the tackling motion, so they can explode into the ball-carrier with maximum force and power.

Shuffle and Lift Drill

The shuffle and lift drill trains your tacklers to win the collision by finishing strong, up and through their opponent.

You'll also discover a neat "club, wrap, and grab cloth" technique that works like gangbusters with younger, smaller players.

Inline Tackling Drill

This one is my "go-to" tackling drill for defensive linemen - it teaches them to face-up, cut off penetration, and stop the ball-carrier cold in his tracks. (Also works great as a goal-line tackling drill.)

How To Teach Angle Tackling

Around three quarters of all tackles are "angle tackles." It's very rare that a ball-carrier approaches a defensive player head on, so it's essential that your defensive players learn the correct angle tackling technique.

In this section, you'll learn the absolute best way to create an "inside-out" pursuit angle, use the sideline as an extra defender, and prevent the ball-carrier from cutting back to the middle.

You'll also discover the #1 reason young players MISS on angle tackles, and a simple coaching tip anyone can use to correct this common mistake.

Angle Tackling Progression

Next, we move into a cool 3-step angle tackling progression, including the "Angle Fit Drill," "Angle One Step Fit Drill," and the "Angle Shuffle and Lift Drill."

Each drill is fun, fast, and easy to teach, and great for showing your kids how to combine the proper hit position with the correct pursuit angle.

Eye Opener Drill

This one is IDEAL for young linebackers, and something I use almost every practice.

It trains your kids to keep an inside-out relationship on the ball carrier, react to his movement, then close in with controlled aggression.

Linebacker Hole Drill

Learning to create proper pursuit angles is an essential skill for youth football players

Now it's time to take it up a notch with some game-like drills your players will go bananas for!

The first one is called the "linebacker hole drill" - it simulates a tailback coming out of the backfield and breaking through a gap in the line of scrimmage.

The linebacker's job is to react, adjust, seek out, and neutralize. It's PERFECT for injecting some fun competition into your practices.

How To Tackle In Space

The next drill is great for training your defensive backs to play in space and provide run support.

The ball-carrier can take the ball to the outside OR cut back to the middle, while the defender uses the proper footwork and approach angle to make a solid tackle in the open field.

Swing Tackle Drill

Given today's offensive trends, it's ESSENTIAL that your kids learn to stop flare passes, swing passes, sweeps and other types of backfield action.

The swing tackle drill trains your linemen, linebackers and DB's to play in space, force the ball-carrier to commit, then cut him off and finish with a powerful hit.

Sideline Tackling Drill

Next up, we'll cover the correct technique for executing a sideline tackle, with a strong emphasis on "penning" the ball-carrier in, preventing the cutback , and using the sideline as an extra defender.

How To Read Keys And React To The Play

Another essential part of tackling is reading keys and reacting to where the ball is going, so you can create an effective pursuit angle and get to the ball carrier as quickly as possible.

You'll discover a variety of simple tips to help your linebackers, corners, and safeties analyze the movement of the offensive line, sniff out plays, and get a jump on the ball-carrier.

Piano Drill

Finally, we finish up with a demonstration of the piano drill, which combines pursuit angles, block shedding, footwork and tackling.

Listen. These tackling drills and coaching tips have been tested and proven with thousands of youth football teams across the country.

There's no need to drive halfway across the state for some boring coaching seminar… or slog through a mountain of football books… or waste hours on the Internet reading worthless articles.

All the hard work's been done for you, and summarized in a simple video "blueprint" that's guaranteed to inject top-notch tackling skills into every player on your team.

Simple. Safe. Fast.

And a lot of fun too. Each drill is super-flexible and simple to teach at any age level.

You can use these techniques with pads or without pads… during training camp, preseason, regular season, or playoffs… with Tiny Mites, Pee Wees, Midgets or Junior High kids.

The final results are astonishing: More confident, more consistent tackling, fewer points allowed, and more wins for your squad.

Here's the bottom line.

No matter how much (or how little experience) you have as a coach, or how terrible your team's tackling technique is right now… you're just moments away from having an army of confident, explosive, and fundamentally sound football warriors who will absolutely OWN the field.

Other Teams Won't Stand A Chance!

Your defensive players will LOVE the thrill and glory of delivering a tackle with picture-perfect form and timing.

And parents, fans, and fellow coaches will be BLOWN AWAY with the supreme skills your kids possess.

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"Kids Are Learning More
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