"How To Shut Down Your Opponents With The 4-2-5 Defense"




Here's the best part: this defense is so simple to understand and easy for your players to master, I'll guarantee that your kids will be "game-ready" in just one practice! Or you keep everything for FREE!

Desk of: Coach Steve Tucker
Thursday 12:25 pm

Dear Coach,

Well... I've done it again.  My accountant just gave me earful because he thinks I'm "giving away the farm" with my latest online video clinic. 

Bean counters like him hate the word "free", but I love it.  You will, too, when you see the white-hot deal I've cooked up for you below.

This new online clinic is called "How To Shut Down Your Opponents With The 4-2-5 Defense"

...and inside, you'll learn step by step instructions, tips, techniques and diagrams to stifle virtually every run and pass play you'll come up against, giving your opponents fits and racking up more wins than you ever thought possible.

Here's a small sample what you'll discover:

The key to making your players responsible for their own piece of territory (and guarding it like a half-starved junkyard rottweiler)
5 simple tricks to disguise your coverage... you'll baffle opposing coaches and make their QB's head spin with these ultra-crafty (yet totally legal) techniques
How to choose players for your defensive lineup - detailed skill requirements for every position
Why 1 + 7 are the most important numbers your corners need to memorize
How to train your linebackers to recognize and read backfield flow (this simple trick will have your team jumping all over run plays and making tackles for massive losses)
The 12 secrets to Pass Keys and Reads
How to recognize a Low Hat Read vs. a High Hat Read (and why this technique is vitally important for keeping the offense off balance and under pressure)
7 keys to successful quarters coverage (HINT: these have more to do with coaching strategy than athletic skill)
How to use a cornerback triangle to assist on secondary run support
The 3 magic words you should always tell your secondary after they get beat for a long play - and how this simple tip helps them recover immediately and get back to business with no emotional "hangover"
A simple secret to quickly transition from the base defense to a suffocating zone blitz
11 crucial run support rules your corners and safeties must know

And much, much more...

Look.  I could go on and on about these battle-tested strategies, but you really have to see them to understand them. 

Trying to explain it in a letter is like trying to see a painting in a dark room

You really gotta watch the videos to truly absorb these radical (and somewhat controversial) football coaching tactics.

So here's the deal: I've really gone to the wall for you here, against everyone else's advice.  (My accountant thinks I've gone bonkers, and my wife would cut me off for a month if she knew about this). 

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So I've created the best deal I can think of... but it's only available for a limited time.

If you're NOT interested in discovering the secrets to a stifling defense attack that'll frighten your opponents into submission and have them coughing up fumbles and interceptions on nearly every possession... 

- That's okay -

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Coach Steve Tucker

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