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Desk of: Coach Steve Tucker
Tuesday, 9:40 AM
Re: I must be crazy to do this...

Dear Friend and Fellow Coach,

This is the idea that’s been vetoed by my accountant, my wife, and even my dog.

They hate the word “free”.

But I love it – and you will too when you see the white-hot deal I’ve cooked up for you below.

Here’s what’s happening.  I’ve just discovered what I think is the easiest, most foolproof way to win more football games this season.

It's simple a step by step system for teaching defensive line play, featuring

31 Specific Skills, Drills,
And Coaching Strategies

These easy-to-learn techniques will have ANY team (even slow , undersized kids, with little to no athletic ability), completely owning the line of scrimmage and shutting down your opponents with ease.

I’m talking:

red-circle-arrow_R How to explode off the line, disrupt the offense and collapse the pocket (even against bigger, stronger offensive linemen)
red-circle-arrow_R How to shoot through the gaps and attack the ball like a swarm of angry killer bees
red-circle-arrow_R How to execute elite-level pass rushing moves that will overpower any blocking technique

And much, much more.


This coaching system is so simple to learn, that you’ll completely master it in less time than it takes to watch a ball game on TV. It requires no football coaching experience, no intense study, and… believe it or not... practically no effort whatsoever.

Even better, the results on the field are as

Automatic And Consistent As Sunrise

I know you're probably a bit skeptical (trust me -- I would be too).

So here's PROOF of how amazingly effective this system was for other coaches... and how well I think it will work for you!

"Extremely Easy To Use"

"I like the way this is boiled down to the core fundamentals. I never played d-line, but the skills were explained in such a way that me and the other coaches were able to start using them immediately. An extremely easy to use video."

Mark Briquelette
Defensive Coordinator
10-11 Yr Olds
Tempe, Arizona

"NEGATIVE 15 Yards Rushing!"

"This clinic answered all my questions about coaching my defensive linemen. My kids are now more physical and more aggressive, and have learned a variety of pass rushing moves that could immediately be applied to game situations. We held our last opponent to NEGATIVE 15 yards rushing and just 71 yards passing. Thanks!"

Samuel Marsh
Moss Point, MS

"Helped Drive Home Specific Coaching Points"

"The online format was easy to access and I like how I can go back over and over to watch the videos. The study guide and technique analysis sections helped drive home the specific coaching points we should focus on. Everything was easy to learn and easy to teach to my players."

Darrell Jordan
Teacher/Head Football Coach
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Now, here's some more "meat on the bone" -- a small sample of the specific D-Line coaching secrets you’ll learn:

The 8 critical components of a good d-line stance… and how to use them to develop explosive get-offs from the line (2:01)
How to assign gap responsibilities -- simple coaching tips that are easy for your players to understand (6:31)
The 11 blocking techniques your d-linemen will face... and the EXACT footwork and handwork techniques that will defeat them (17:28)
The absolute best drill for developing a thunderous punch that will knock o-linemen flat on their back (14:51)

9 easy steps to instilling an attacking mindset in your defense (9:50)

How to split a double team block by dropping the hips and posting the back leg (29:20)
What a quarterback's EYES can tell you about the play about to be run... and how your d-linemen can exploit that info to break into the backfield for a game-changing sack! (36:15)

5 wickedly effective escape moves that are simple to teach and easy for your players to execute. You'll discover:

- Rip Move (39:01)
- Push/Pull Move (40:41)
- Chop or Handfight Move (41:45)
- Stab or Spin Move (43:42)
- Swim Move (47:15)

A sneaky "breastplate" maneover that gives your tackles maximum leverage and momentum when performing a Push-Pull (41:41)

For advanced players: 6 combo counter moves that will defeat ANY blocking scheme (even if your d-linemen are small or slow-footed), including:

- Chop and Rip (49:30)
- Rip and Slip (50:11)
- Rip and Stab (52:45)
- Chop and Swim (53:41)
- Pull and Swim (54:12)
- Chop and stab (55:10)

How to train your kids to play until the ECHO of the whistle (and why this gives you an instant advantage over your competition 58:22)
The #1 drill for teaching your linemen to read the defense and react quickly and efficiently (61:03)
A little-known technique to improve the reaction time of your ends and tackles (66:08)
An incredibly intense 1 on 1 drill that will transform even the most timid kid into a brawling maniac who loves to mix it up in the trenches (69:33)

And much, much more.

Like I said, there are over 31 step by step Defensive Line skills, drills, and techniques jam-packed into this incredible resource.

And it’s designed specifically for youth and high school coaches, with instructions, diagrams and on-field demos explained in Plain English.

Here’s what’s really great. The entire system has been recorded as an “online video clinic”. Which means you can watch it right over your computer screen, from anywhere in the world

Just 90 Seconds From Now!

That’s right.  You don’t have to be a computer whiz (or even computer “literate”) to access these online coaching videos. If you can click a mouse button, then you have all the skills you need to immediately start digging in to these incredible Defensive Line coaching strategies.

Here's what to do next.

Click on this link to securely order your “Ultimate Defensive Line Fundamentals” online video clinic. It’s fast, fun, and  safer than paying for a movie at the local Cineplex.

I’m so confident in how well these D-Line strategies will work for you, I’m even backing it up with this outrageous guarantee.

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Watch the "Ultimate Defensive Line Fundamentals" video, then take just one week to practice these drills and skills with your team.

If you don't see IMMEDIATE results in your very next game just send me an email and I'll refund every dime, with no questions asked, no hassles, and no "wiggle clauses".

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You read that correctly. 

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So it’s a free look for you. You can take up to 60 days to decide if it's worth your hard-earned money, and there's no risk whatsoever.

I want to make one thing clear. This is not some kind of "magic fairy dust" that you can just sprinkle onto your players and expect them to transform into the '85 Bears.

But these techniques ARE the real deal... and I'm 100% confident that if you do watch this video, learn the skills and practice them with your team, holding your opponents to less than 10 points will be an absolute breeze.

That's how powerful this coaching system is... and how confident I am it will work for you.

But wait. I'm gonna sweeten this deal even more!

Dig this: If you order today, before midnight on , I’ll also give you INSTANT ACCESS to two killer football coaching bonuses worth at least $50.00 on their own.

FREE Bonus #1 - D-Line Technique
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The first is an in-depth D-Line technique analysis. Inside, we pore over 39 minutes of practice tape, dissecting every snap, read, block, and counter move.

You’ll learn EXACTLY how to spot and correct common D-Line errors... how to encourage your players (without hurting their confidence), and how to get the most out of your practice time.

This is one of my favorite coaching resources of all time… but I’m letting you have it (today only) for free.

FREE Bonus #2 - Ultimate D-Line Fundamentals
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The second bonus is called the “Ultimate D-Line Fundamentals” Coaches Study Guide. It’s filled with my own personal teaching points, hot-button techniques, and drill diagrams.

From assignment and alignment… to the principles of attacking… reading and reacting to the offense… escaping blocks and finishing tackles with ferocious intensity… this amazing resource makes all the material easy to digest  and instantly puts you on the “fast track” to coaching success.

Just to recap, here's what you get when you order before midnight on :

dark-blue-circle-arrow_R Ultimate D-Line Fundamentals Video (71 minutes - $49.95 value)
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Best of luck this season,


Coach Steve Tucker

PS – There are over 52,557 coaches on this newsletter, from across the US and Canada… and all over the world.

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