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From: Coach Steve Tucker
Tuesday, 12:34 PM

To: "e-Hotlist" Member
Re: "Offensive Line Secrets" Online Video Clinic

Dear Friend,offensive line secrets

You may think I've lost my mind with that long headline up there... but I haven't. 

I'm just giddy with excitement...

Because I've finally discovered the SIMPLE SECRETS to pass protection and run blocking that'll explode your offensive production and tear up any team in your league.

And in just 90 seconds, you're gonna discover them, too.

Inside the "Offensive Line Secrets" online video clinic, you'll learn the rarely taught (yet wildly effective) techniques that allow ANY TEAM...

(even uncoordinated slow-pokes with two left feet and chronic asthma)

...to dominate the line of scrimmage and pound the ball upfield with effortless ease.

I'm not kidding. This clinic will change your coaching life forever.

It reveals (in the most effective manner ever recorded) the TRUTH about coaching your offensive line... and for the lucky coaches that get in on this Introductory Offer, it'll be like a "divine revelation".

You may already know the instructor: Coach Jonathan Himebauch.

Yes - THE Jonathan Himebauch - Offensive Line Coach at San Diego State University and BY FAR the most popular "underground" o-line instructor alive today.

For nearly a decade, he's been helping o-lineman at every level (from Pop Warner to the Pros) learn the

"Shortcut Secrets" To Wickedly Effective Run Blocking And Pass Protection

Look... I could go on and on about Jonathan's background... how he was a Blue Chip All-American at Palos Verdes Peninsula High School... then went on to captain the perennial national powerhouse USC Trojans, propelling his team to the 1993 Freedom Bowl, the 1995 Cotton Bowl and the 1996 Rose Bowl...

And how he starred at center for the NFL Europe's Rhein Fire, the CFL's Toronto Argonauts, and the XFL's champion Los Angeles Xtreme -- before being snatched up into the coaching profession as one of the brightest young offensive line minds in America.

But the fact is... as impressive as Jonathan's resume is, he still remains relatively unknown to regular youth and high school football coaches like you and me.

You'll have a tough time finding this "recluse" at national coaching clinics... and that's the way he likes it.

He's simply a super-private guy that very few people EVER get to meet.

But when you look at the mind-boggling speed that he's skyrocketed up the o-line coaching ladder in just the past 4 years...

(from High School... to Junior College... to Big Time NCAA Division 1 and the Professional Ranks)

You figure there's gotta be something to this.

And there is - as you'll quickly discover the moment you start watching the "Offensive Line Secrets" online video clinic.

You see... Jonathan insists he only needs a short time to teach even the CLUMSIEST kids to develop pro-level blocking mechanics that'll have your team marching the ball into the end zone possession after possession.

And it doesn't matter how small your linemen are right now, or how little "natural athletic talent" they possess. 

None of that matters.

In fact, Jonathan actually PREFERS to teach unathletic kids with little or no "feel" for the game.

Because he shows them exactly how to get

Real Good, Real Fast

The focus is on run blocking and pass protection fundamentals.

The specific secrets of stance, footwork, body mechanics and hand placement that nobody seems to get right...

nobody ever teaches...

and nobody but the greatest linemen in history have ever figured out on their own.

Baltimore's All Pro tackle Jon Ogden knows these secrets... 

4-time Pro Bowler Walter Jones knows 'em...

And Navy's Antron Harper (who at 5'11" and 260 lbs is the smallest o-linemen in the NCAA) definitely has 'em down pat.

In fact, almost every elite level offensive lineman in the NFL knows these simple secrets about blocking mechanics, but not one in a thousand could actually TEACH them to you.

What Coaches Who Know Are Saying...

"Massive improvements in our offensive line play and ability to move the ball upfield. It's like a sneaky advantage other teams can't figure out."

- Tyler Bell
Jefferson HS,

"Last year, we were 3 and 5, middle of the pack. Your concepts helped develop a stronger practice program to develop these skills in fun ways the players enjoyed. This year we went 8 and 1 and won the league championship!"

- John Moffit,
Stanfield Wildcats
Echo, Oregon

"I loved the way each mistake was noted and specific drills were introduced to deal with each mistake. I found the sections on Pre-snap focus and footwork extremely helpful."

- Neil Lopez Jr,

"Our record was 10-1, reaching the semi-final game. Without your coaching strategies we would have wasted valuable time in our teaching of core
fundamentals and not realized the great success we had."

- Michael Gorseth
Seneca Valley Stallions
Cranberry Township, PA

"Simple, but effective... The best o-line information I've come across. As a running back and linebacker I never focused on the o-line other than the concern of opening a hole. I think the small things that you explain like first step, correct stance and base are important keys to developing good habits and as the player advances he is able to be more competive because of the tools learned."

- Sid Smith
West Jordan, UT

"The O-Line is often least glamorous position on the team (even the kicker
gets more ink). This report has given me a fresh perspective and new verbal cues to help motivate the line. I LOVE the tennis ball on the baseball tee idea. I broke out that drill at practice and the guys loved it." Thanks!"

- Ray Narsone
New York

"We were 12-1 this past season. The previous season, the team finished 1-9 and did not make the play-offs. Your tips gave us a disciplined practice schedule which kept the boys focused for two hours. The best part was that
we could give some elements of structure to the linemen."

- Dave Surfus
Visalia Fighting Irish
Visalia, CA

"Great video on O-line about the punch ball drills. The video shows great footwork with the kick steps for lineman. I will be using this as part of our coaches meeting to demonstrate how I want our assistant coaches to coach the position.... extremely valuable."

- Chris D.
Varsity High School Coach

"For the last 2 years I have been playing guard and
center on the semi pro level. I am going to impliment these training tips into my own workouts as they seem as though they will be very helpful. Thanks for the tips!"

- Jason N.
Semi Pro Offensive Linemen

That was totally and amazing HELPFUL video.  I coach POP WARNER level, 9-10, talented kids, but would love to teach all that I can and with your help, hope these kids can learn.  My son is a center, and I was QB so I need all the help I can to help him!"

- Anthony S.
Pop Warner Coach (9-10 yr olds)

"Just watched your video on ball punches. That's thinking outside of the box! No contact needed to work on form. I'm going to use this before we get into pads to get correct form started and when we get in pads I can use it to correct the form.  Thanks!"

- Coach Sam G.

But Coach Himebauch can.

He's cracked the code, revealing the cold hard o-line coaching facts that makes winning football games almost...


But you don't have to camp outside of Coach's office, or stalk him with endless voicemails and emails to grab a moment of his valuable time.

Nope - 'cuz we already did it for you.

A couple months back, we dragged Jonathan into a "players-only" meeting room deep within the bowels of SDSU... and forced him to record his amazing secrets in a full-length video clinic.

And when we staggered out of that room... brain teeming with loads of never-seen-before football coaching tactics... I felt like we had

Broken Into Fort Knox...
And Made Out With All The Gold!

And today - for the first time ever - a select group of coaches on my "e-hotlist" can cash in on Coach Himebauch's o-line coaching secrets. 

(without risking a single penny of your own money)

Here's how this works...

For this special Introductory Internet Offer, we've pulled together an incredible "learn-it-fast" offensive line package that's guaranteed to launch you into a lifetime of coaching success.

To start, you'll get access to two full-length video clinics:

The first is called "Run Blocking Secrets".  This clinic gives you a step by step coaching system that'll have your kids blowing defenders right off the ball...

Punching gaping holes through the defensive line that even a double-wide trailer could saunter its way through!

Here's a small taste of what you'll discover:

How to teach a run blocking progression using walk-throughs and demonstrations (your players will grasp these techniques 4-5 times faster using this simple formula)

Step by step instructions to execute the drive block... scoop block... zone block... reach block... cutoff block... down block... double team progression... pulling... trapping and more. 

Everything is broken down in plain English and explained with detailed instructions, diagrams, and live demonstrations... so you'll grasp it immediately, even if you've never coached o-line before! 

When to crowd the ball... when to play even with the center... and when to play deep (and why 8 out of 10 coaches get this DEAD wrong!)
How to stagger your feet for maximum balance and explosiveness.  This "no-brainer" (yet usually overlooked) tip instantly infuses your guards and tackles with the lateral agility to adjust and sustain blocks on the move
The "credit card alignment" rule that practically forces your linemen to explode off the snap with a powerful leg drive... neutralizing even the most aggressive defender
How to "grab the grass" with your toes and explode out of your stance with a tight first step
How to shock and jolt a much larger defender using a devastating hand punch technique
The little-known (but dangerously effective) footwork tactic that instantly gains 12 inches on your defender
The Real Reason some players shy away from contact... and how to turn the most timid kid into a nasty, mean brawler who loves to mix it up in the trenches
How to make sure your o-linemen get their third step in before the defense... and why this virtually guarantees they'll win the line of scrimmage
On a zone block, your players should lock in and power through the defender's play side number (we'll also reveal the exact, specific aiming points for every situation your linemen will encounter)
Why a "white-knuckle stance" instantly telegraphs your play to the defense (and the simple tip to avoid this classic mistake)
How to generate massive drive blocking power using the jealously guarded "footfire" technique
What your o-linemen can learn from an old pickpocket's trick.  This little known technique will have them widening the rush lanes with ease (even if they lack upper body strength)
The one and only run blocking situation where you'll actually ask your linemen to lose ground on the first step.  This "tricky" tactic uses a bull-rushing defender's momentum against him, allowing you to blow open huge holes in the defensive line and run for massive gains
How to execute flawless double teams... this simple step by step formula instantly neutralizes a dominant attacker, giving your running back time to pick out and punch through the holes
How to outflank a larger defender using Coach Himebauch's patented "crossover step"
The single biggest mistake players make when down blocking... and the simple footwork trick to easily avoid this costly blunder
How to use your outside arm to instantly stop any spin, swim, or counter move (size and strength are utterly meaningless when you master this "sneaky" maneuver)
Why a 6 inch lateral step away from the defender actually sets your lineman up to turn and steer a bull-rushing defensive tackle off the line
How to automatically open massive rush lanes on pulls and traps... HINT: using short pitter-patter steps is essential!
The four different kinds of pull blocks... and when you should use each one 
Why starting a lawnmower gives your linemen the decisive edge in kickout blocks 

And much more...

The second online clinic is called "Pass Protection Secrets"... and inside, you'll discover the amazingly simple secrets that'll have your team walling off the pocket like the Hoover Dam...

Giving your QB enough time to take his 3-step drop... sip a cold glass of iced tea... and then select the best receiver to pass to.

(even if your kids know nothing about pass protection right now)

Some of what's included:

Master the 6 fundamental pass protection sets.  You'll discover the "insider" secrets to the kick set... head set... power set... jump set... shuffle set... and sink set... equipping you with the fundamental techniques and tactics to super-charge your passing game and rack up more touchdowns that you ever thought possible!
How to develop the "short-area quickness" and nimble footwork to retreat and protect the pocket (without sacrificing aggression)
Why your linemen should never open their outside edge (this all-too-common gaff virtually hands over your QB on a silver platter)
Why your o-linemen need to be put into uncomfortable body positions during practice... this simple tip will transform any drill into an intensely realistic game simulation!
Details of Coach Himebauch's "Target Punch" drill (It's the easiest, most effective method for teaching a punishing hand jolt that pummels unsuspecting defenders straight to the turf!)
How to use a "sink set" to create a moving pocket... frustrating the defense and buying your QB valuable time
The biggest o-line training mistake coaches make in practice (HINT: never keep your players feet stapled to the ground!)
What your o-linemen can learn from Bruce Lee... and how his legendary martial arts techniques will help your kids smother a blitzing linebacker, then move onto another target without missing a beat
The Edge Pressure drill that teaches players to stay square and rely on their feet
Why a blocker's knee should always stay inside his foot... and how this tiny adjustment makes it easy to redirect and mirror the edge rushers
The low-down and stealthy (yet 100% LEGAL) way to keep your hands on a defender right up until the whistle blows... and NEVER get called for holding!
How to use the "shuffle set" to protect the QB as he rolls out of the pocket.  This technique gives your quarterback loads of extra time to scan the field, pick a receiver and make an accurate pass (without fear of a painful sack)
Video demonstrations of the outrageously effective Ball Punch drill... showing your kids how to shock and jolt the defender with an aggressive hand punch
How to use the Mirror Doge to keep the hips loose and change direction fluidly
The simple training technique that teaches your linemen to work with furious intensity for 8 second spurts
How to teach players to keep their weight back and create space from an attacking defender (this incredible drill is also a great cardio workout)

And much more...

Both clinics are super-easy to watch and use.  You don't need any special equipment and there's no extra software to install.

Just watch right 'em over the computer by clicking on the "play arrow".  (No need to call in the IT Dept. Nerds)

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These drills, tactics, and game strategies will instantly propel you to "master coach" status...

And your coaching staff, players, and team parents will be blown away with your newfound knowledge and understanding of the game.

(even if you're totally clueless about o-line play right now!)

But wait... there's more!

As part of this Introductory Offer, you'll also get 3 additional coaching bonuses for FREE.

3 reports

Your first bonus is a groundbreaking new report called:

"The 7 Biggest Mistakes Offensive Linemen Make, And The Simple Tips Even a 'Rookie' Coach Can Use To Correct Them!"

This mega-valuable reference is jam-packed with tips, drills and strategies to isolate and fix the deadly o-line mistakes that are crippling your offense right now.

Here's a small taste of what you'll discover:

The single biggest mistake your o-linemen make when they're tired... and why it puts them at crippling psychological disadvantage
The TRUTH about why your players forget the snap count... and the simple "color-coding" technique that guarantees they'll never make this costly mistake (pg 5)
Exact step by step instructions on how to pick up stunts and blitzes... plus, the simple techniques that make teaching it to your kids fast and easy
3 little-known (and dangerously effective) hand jolt techniques to set, pop and stop a Bull Rushing attacker cold in his tracks.  These simple secrets really work... even if your lineman's only 5'6" and 120 lbs!

How a secret "2-inch change" in foot position literally forces your linemen to fire out and shock a lethargic defender.

(This "insider" strategy will have your softest kid exploding off the snap and utterly dominating his opponent... right up until the whistle blows!)

A truly no-brainer (yet usually overlooked) method to locating second-level defenders on the move (pg 18)

How to develop powerful "paws" to wall off and neutralize edge rushers with ease

And much more!

This report could easily sell for $35 on its own.  But it's yours FREE as part of this Introductory Offer!

You'll also get 2 mega-valuable Coaches Study Guides (one for each clinic).

They include Jonathan's personal teaching notes, pointers and hot-button techniques.

You even get definitions of key terms and an "o-line glossary"... explaining every concept and technique in step by step detail.

Think of it as a front-row seat to a PRIVATE coaching clinic.  Just you and Jonathan... talkin' o-line and devising ways to improve your team.

If Coach Himebauch were to take you through ALL this material during a private session, it would probably take 4 or 5 hours. 

And at his usual consulting rate of $150 an hour... well - you can see that it would get pretty expensive pretty fast.

But as part of this Introductory Offer, you can get the entire package for just $147.77.


Special Introductory Price: Only $97.77!

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So just to recap... here's what's you get when you order today:

hand "Run Blocking Secrets" video clinic (55 mins - $89 value)
hand "Pass Protection Secrets" video clinic (50 mins - $89 value)
hand "The 7 Biggest Mistakes Offensive Linemen Make" special report ($35 value)
hand "Run Blocking Secrets" study guide ($35 value)
hand "Pass Protection Secrets" study guide ($35 value)

That's over $283 worth of material.  And if you get in on this clinic today, it's all yours for only $97.77 -- an astonishing deal.

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You can even burn them to a DVD and bring 'em to practice to show your players.

Bottom line: Once you're in... you're IN.  Registering for this online clinic gets you complete lifetime access to everything.

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Remember... even if you've got a junior Ladainian Tomlinson or a mini Peyton Manning in your backfield... your "big kids" on the o-line are the catalyst to your offense.

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This is your opportunity to steal all the secrets from an o-line "Jedi Master" in his coaching prime.

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I know that there's a ton of coaching info out there.  And it's hard not to be a little skeptical when the next "big thing" comes around.

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Yes! I'm ready to start learning Coach Himebauch's Offensive Line Secrets without risking a single penny! I understand that the Special Introductory Offer pricing may increase at any time after midnight tonight, and I know there's no time to lose.

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Coach Steve Tucker

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