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Desk of: Coach Steve Tucker

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Here's a taste of what you'll discover in this Online Video Clinic:

Why you should NEVER use your watch when practicing clock management
The simple secret to "Friday Scripting" - how to quickly and painlessly review your entire playbook the day before a game

How to divide up responsibilities amongst your coaching staff

(whether you're working with a bunch of 30 year veterans... or a "newbie" volunteer Dad.... these coaching tactics will immediately remove stress and work wonders for your practice organization)

The simple 30 second test that lets you know when a play "just ain't gonna work"
The single most important goal of your football practice (HINT: it's a one word answer that begins with "E")

Getting more repetitions in during practice helps your players absorb skills and plays right into their "muscle memory." 

We'll reveal 4 proven strategies you can use to keep players busting their humps for the entire practice session.. without yelling or screaming

The REAL REASON your players and assistant coaches don't show up on time... and the #1 technique you can use to make sure they respect your schedule
The correct time to do strength and conditioning with your players... and why 90% of coaches get this DEAD WRONG!
The common software program that easily doubles as a mega-useful practice planning tool (HINT: 99% of computers already have this program installed!) 
And much, much more 

The battle-tested Football coaching strategies you'll discover in this clinic are not complicated... in fact, they're so simple and easy to implement, you'll see impressive results after just one practice.

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"Super-easy to take these ideas from the computer screen to the practice field.  I'm able to run very impressive practices with just me and one other assistant.  Gave us a great philosophy to run a successful team"  Melvin Gilard, Miami, Florida


"Your scripting tips made practice a breeze.  Our game execution is a thousand percent better.  Even other coaches in our league are commenting about how well prepared we look!"   Mike Santiago, Real Estate Agent/Football Coach, Arizona


"Just as promised... this stuff really works... loads of ideas to run a tight, efficient practice and translate our offensive, defensive, and special teams strategies into game situations. My high school team is on a 6 game winning streak, and much of the credit goes to your Practice Planning system!"  Chris Savard, Alberta 

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