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From: Coach Steve Tucker
Monday 12:01 pm

Dear Friend and Fellow Coach,

Let’s face it.

It’s nearly impossible to win in today's game without a skilled, confident kid at the quarterback position. 

He doesn’t need to be 6’4” and 220 lbs… he doesn’t need to run a 4.3 forty… and he definitely doesn’t need to have a Howitzer cannon for an arm. 

But he does need the Football IQ to read defenses and make good decisions under pressure... he does need the skills to throw passes with pinpoint accuracy and timing.

And he does need the leadership and CONFIDENCE to rally your troops and make sure your entire offense runs smoothly.

Here’s how you'll get there with YOUR quarterback. 

I just got my hands on an incredible new video clinic called “Quarterback Coaching Secrets Revealed”. 

It reveals (in the most effective manner ever recorded) the TRUTH about developing an elite-level quarterback, and the "insider techniques" top youth and high school teams use to put winning teams on the field season after season. 

No matter how  thin your talent pool is, or how impossible it may seem, you’re less than two hours away from developing an unstoppable offensive attack that will steamroll your competition with ease.

If You're Not Excited About This...
You Should Be.

Your instructor is Coach Doug Brady, former California high school standout and QB coaching “guru”. 

Just 27 years old, Doug is quickly becoming one of the most sought after hot-shot quarterback instructors on the planet.  

You might have seen him at national coaching clinics… or working with blue-chip high school talent at the National Passing Academy… or the exclusive Nebraska Elite Quarterback Camp, (where athletes fly in from all over the country and pay $400 for a short weekend of training).

But where Doug really shines is working with kids. 

Football dads, moms, even professional coaches absolutely ADORE Doug for the way he's able to install top-flite QB skills in a fun, easy-to-learn way that "sticks". 

And here’s what’s really exciting.

Up until now, you’d have to attend one of Doug’s prestigious QB coaching schools or pay top dollar for private lessons… just to learn a small portion of his championship-proven techniques. 

But after months of begging... we finally convinced Doug to spread some of his knowlege around to regular folks... to “get down in the trenches” with average football coaches like you and me.

And when I heard he was willing to get on camera and give up his most treasured QB coaching secrets to help regular Joes, I came running with bells on.

And I'm Darn Glad I Did Too.

Because I got it ALL. Everything. And it's absolutely astonishing.

Here's just a little preview of Doug's four step coaching system:


First… you’ll learn exactly how to improve agility, flexibility, and speed with 10 simple warm-up exercises (go directly to 1:05 if you can’t wait). 

These are “dynamic” activities that prepare your QBs to own the pocket with quick, efficient movements and explosive "tuck and run" speed, and keep them fit and injury free for the entire season.


Second… you'll learn simple methods to building "vice-like" finger and hand strength (8:15).  This often overlooked (but highly important) factor will immediately translate into better ball control, accuracy, and throwing velocity

All of these mega-effective exercises can be done in practice, in your back yard… even in an empty basement.


Third… you'll discover the 3 critical keys to building elite-level passing mechanics.  You’ll learn exactly how to install a picture-perfect throwing motion using a handful of simple professional “tweeks”. 

Easy stuff that doesn’t require your to reinvent the wheel. 

Doug shows you 11 killer drills to build titanic arm strength and dead-eye passing accuracy (11:29) … what youth quarterbacks can learn from NBA jumpshooters (14:42) … how to use the "Ball Bounce" drill to develop lightning quick reflexes off the snap (16:16), and much more.

Now you can learn these methods too - and take them right to the field at your very next practice.


Fourth, Doug will show you the “shortcut secrets” to developing precision footwork and drops off the snap. 

This part is easy to nail down, but it's the key to giving your quarterback the confidence and poise in the pocket, and the patience to let the play develop.

Your QB will suddenly be delivering sizzling passes with pro-level timing and accuracy, and making it look oh-sooooo easy.

You’ll discover 11 easy-to-learn footwork drills (25:11)… 12 step by step coaching progressions to teach drop mechanics (32:07)… how "cutting grass with your feet" helps players to develop explosive speed and become more of a threat on the ground (49:04), and tons more.

And that's just a small sample.  There's loads more drills, "quick-learn" tips and coaching strategies included. 

Like an outrageously effective Whip drill that immediately injects more zip into a QB's arm (18:30)… simple ways to consistently hit a receiver right between the numbers on every throw (11:42)… an "insider secret" that helps QB's make a play off an errant snap (54:03)… and a LOT more. 

Way too much for me to cover here.

Now, before I go on, I understand that you may be thinking...

This All Seems A Bit Too
Good To Be True

But trust me, this is no wild goose chase. This is exactly how Doug has taken raw beginners and turned them into superstar quarterbacks.

Start nailing down these four steps - which will happen FAST - and you'll be hit upside the head with a huge "ah-ha" experience. It's a beautiful thing to finally "get" the true secrets to quarterback coaching success.

What's even better is that this'll work for any player - tall, short, skinny, heavy, fast, slow, beginner or experienced.  With hundreds of private coaching hours under his belt, Doug has expertly broken down his 4 steps to fit smoothly into all age and competitive levels.

Here’s what makes it better than other Quarterback videos.

The entire system is presented as an “online video clinic”, so you can access everything


In Just 90 Seconds


After your order is processed, you'll instantly be taken over to your secure video clinic download page... where you can access all the material.


You can stream the videos over your Internet connection... or, you can save them to your computer.  You can even bring 'em to practice to show your players.


Bottom line: Once you're in... you're IN.  Registering for this online clinic gets you complete lifetime access to everything.


There are no time limits... no hassles... and no pressure.  You learn everything on your own schedule. 

Okay... here's how you can get your hands on this now:

Click here to place your secure order. It's fast, easy, and more secure than paying for a movie at the local cinema.

The purchase price of this package is just $49.95 (less than 1/8th of what it costs to see Doug at QB coaching school).

But you don't risk a penny because I'm covering everything with my own checkbook, meaning that you get a...

  100% No Questions Asked
Money Back Guarantee


Take a full 60 days to see if these coaching strategies really do improve your quarterback play by leaps and bounds.

If you aren't convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt, just send me an email and I'll refund every dime.

And here's the best part...

You Still Keep the Entire
Online Clinic For FREE!

You read that correctly. 

If this system doesn't completely transform your kid into an elite-level QB - just like I promised - you get every penny returned to you, and you still keep the online clinic as my gift.  Click here to order securely now!

Simply order the package… check it out for yourself… and take a full 60 days to see what it does for you and your quarterbacks.  If you don't feel Doug’s instruction works for you for whatever reason, no problem.

Just send me an email and I'll refund all of your purchase price fast and with no questions asked, and you STILL keep everything as my personal gift – just for trying.

This is just like being able to see it all FREE if you choose. As one of my "e-Hot List" guys I completely trust your judgment.

But this deal has "limits." It's only being offered to my most favored clients and personal friends, and you'll NEVER see this offer in any football magazines or advertised on other websites. In fact, it's unlikely you'll ever see this deal again.

That's why we've decided to cut off access after just 188 slots in the online clinic are full — which is just enough to cover my e-hotlist. I can guarantee you a slot until midnight on .

After that, I’m reserving the right to delete this page off my site and pass your slot to the next e-hotlist guy down the line. 

So you'll want to click here and order this now. Don't go back to checking your email or surfing the web, and plan on coming back later... because it’ll  almost certainly mean you'll lose out on this limited offer. Everything's covered with my 60 day guarantee, so you've got no reason not to act now.

There are over 44 drills and coaching techniques jammed into this video... and whether you're an experienced coach, total newbie, or just a regular football Dad, I'm 100% confident you'll find valuable information that will help you improve your QB's fast.

Your quarterback will finally start taking command in the huddle, making smart decisions under pressure, and leading your team with ice-cold confidence... and  your peers will be blown away with your expert knowledge and fast results. 

But only if you click here and secure your slot now.




Coach Steve Tucker

P.S. Oh... wait a minute... almost forgot — there's also a FREE bonus for you in this package. I call it "Elite Quarterback Coaching Tactics" and it's powerful stuff.

Why? Because it shows you – in a simple step by step fashion – exactly how to take your QB’s skills into a game situation (where it really counts).

This is where Doug really shines – and why so many coaches, players and football parents line up to learn his techniques.  Because he makes darn sure your quarterback’s skills aren’t left "hanging" on the practice field.

We've all seen kids who look like Peyton Manning in practice, but can barely take a snap without fumbling once it comes to game time. This bonus clinic (which could easily sell for $39.00 on its own) reveals a collection of wildly effective coaching techniques that make the transition from practices to games a breeze.

For example:

7 simple-to-learn drills for escaping and moving in the pocket (1:02)
Why your quarterback should always keep 2 hands on the football (4:24)
The incredible "weight transfer" secret that installs explosive velocity and "bullseye" accuracy when throwing on the move (not even one quarterback in a dozen understands the value of this easy-to-learn technique! - 9:49)
How to use the "Scout Drill" to stay calm in the pocket and escape incoming pressure with quick, efficient movements (12:13)
A little-known "T-step" drill that forces quarterbacks to get their shoulders square to the target and run downhill towards an open receiver
How to teach your QB to be decisive and confident when running with the football (24:46)
The 4 critical qualities of a successful quarterback (27:22)
4 common quarterback mistakes... and exactly how to fix them (29:24)
The amazingly simple secret to reading the defense at the line of scrimmage (here's a hint: watch the safeties!  - 31:41)

And much more. Click here to place your secure order now… and get this 40 minute bonus clinic for FREE!

P.P.S. Okay... let's recap. Order your “Quarterback Coaching Secrets Revealed” online video clinic today and you’ll get instant access to Doug Brady’s step by step system for developing a top-flite quarterback… plus the “Elite Quarterback Tactics” bonus on the house.

Everything is yours to review (risk free) for a full 60 days, and if you’re not 100% impressed, you get every penny returned to you.

It’s a generous deal that won’t last forever. So click here now and order while it’s still available!

P.P.P.S. One more thing... listen to what others are saying about Doug:


"My Son's Arm Strength Accuracy
And Footwork Have All Improved"

"I chose Coach Doug Brady to teach my son how to be a quarterback because of his attitude, his passion for football and teaching, and the ability to connect to my son.  Coach Brady teaches solid quarterback mechanics.  My son's arm strength, accuracy, and foot work have all improved because of Coach Brady. Not only has Coach Brady taught my son how to be a better quarterback but he has taught him how to be a better leader; on and off the field."


Michael Glogowski
San Diego, CA