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“Finally! A Step by Step Guide to Developing a Dominant Offensive Line, Designed Specifically For Youth And High School Coaches!”

Whether You’re An Experienced Vet or a Total Newbie, You Can Install These Drills, Techniques and Coaching Strategies Starting Today… Quickly, Easily and Without Wasted Effort!

Desk of: Coach Steve Tucker
Monday, 11:57 AM

Dear Friend and Fellow Coach...

Pop quiz.

The key to a consistent, productive offensive attack in football is

a) A killer playbook
b) Speed, quickness and athleticism
c) A dominant offensive line

If you picked “c”… then you’re bang on.

It doesn’t matter how brilliant your play-calling is… or how talented your “skilled players” are. 

If you don’t have a well-coached offensive line that can effectively protect your quarterback and create rushing lanes for your backfield, then your offense is simply

Dead In The Water!

Here’s the thing.

If you want to create a well-oiled offensive unit that punishes the defense and marches your team down the field... it requires a mastery of o-line fundamentals.

You know... stance… footwork… balance… leverage… highly technical stuff that’s not easy to pick up on the fly (especially if you've never played o-line yourself).

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about a brand new coaching resource we are releasing today, which shows you

Exactly How To “Install” Pro-Level
Blocking Mechanics Into Every
O-Lineman On Your Team!

You’ll learn simple training secrets that teach your players how to:

red-circle-arrow_R Fire off the ball with explosive force and power
red-circle-arrow_R Read defenses, execute blocking schemes and pick up the blitz on the fly
red-circle-arrow_R And win the collision against bigger, stronger, and faster defenders

These are the specific mental and physical building blocks that allow even undersized, slow kids to dominate the line of scrimmage with outrageously effective run blocking and airtight pass protection… and allow YOUR team to boost your offensive production... almost overnight.

Here’s the deal.

This "learn-it-fast" package is made up of 3 online video clinics... over two and a half hours of meaty content. There's no fluff, no theory, and no warm 'n' fuzzies... just hard-core drills and coaching techniques you can take directly to the field starting right away.

Here’s a small sample of what you’ll discover:

Online Clinic #1

“Ultimate Offensive Line

5 simple drills to teach your players to snap the hips, throw the punch and get extension on the block
The #1 secret to laying a rock solid foundation. You'll discover how to create maximum power, balance and leverage with one simple "tweak" (2:35)
A little-known toe-pointing technique that dramatically improves your o-lineman's footwork
How "aiming small with the eyes" allows your kids to stuff a rushing d-lineman (even if he's outweighed by 50 lbs!)
The 5 types of o-line stances every football coach should know (and exactly what situations to use them in)
How to teach L.O.S. alignment with a simple elbow-hip trick (15:01)
A stunningly simple method to developing explosive get-offs. Master this technique and your kids will fire off the line with the power and velocity of a freight train!
How to recover quickly from the initial collision and win the line of scrimmage (27:09)
A huge, costly mistake that young o-linemen make (catch this common blunder... or your QB is bound to get hit with a bone-crushing sack)
A "no-brainer" way to teach your kids to explode off the line at a flat low angle
How to stun a bull-rushing defender using a little-known punching technique "stolen" from professional boxing! (31:08)
How to deliver a punishing hand-jolt without injuring your hand. HINT: keep the thumbs up!
A sneaky (yet totally legal) way to lock on and control the defender... without getting called for holding! (45:45)
Why o-linemen should NEVER lean into a block
A last-resort technique that allows your o-linemen to recover after getting beat... and gives your QB an extra half second longer to get the ball away
6 easy-to-learn ways to knock a defender flat on his back (even if you're small, slow or afraid of contact!)

And much, much more. Next, we move onto

Online Clinic #2

“Unstoppable Run Blocking”

Here’s a small taste of what you’ll learn:

The 3 keys to winning a stalemate at the L.O.S. (5:05)
How to open up massive outside running lanes using a little-known "shoulder securing" technique
Why "exposing your numbers" is the worst thing a lineman can do
How to deliver a punishing reach block using a little-known "rip the hip" technique
The best way to stuff a bull-rushing defender on a run play (HINT: sink the hips and keep the knees bent to recover balance and leverage)
Exact step by step instructions on how to block a linebacker in space (18:25)
How to teach your linemen to block a quicker, more agile defender using the "breakdown drill"  (19:45)
The 4 most important words a lineman should remember (23:56)
An "Angle of Approach" technique that allows your linemen to lock on and neutralize an attacking defender with ease... even if your kids are slow and clumsy! (26:41)

And finally...

Online Clinic #3

"Traps, Pulls and Pass Protection"

Here’s a sample of what’s included:

How to accelerate off the line of scrimmage and execute a massively effective short trap block (1:16)
A 3 inch change in foot placement that allows your guards to explode out of their stance and roll over defenders like an M1 Abrams tank (2:17)
How to snap the hips and run the feet to knock an unsuspecting defensive end off balance
Why you should always take the "inside-out track" when executing a long trap (8:45)
How to use a "log lock" to combat a defensive end's wrong arm attack move (12:31)
The exact footwork to use when executing a short pull, long pull or skip pull (21:54)
How "slapping the dog" and "punching the donkey" teaches your players to stay low and accelerate across the L.O.S. on a pull block (16:54)
How to teach your o-linemen to trust their feet, keep their head up and eyes open (17:39)
A rarely used (yet wildly effective) 2-man blocking technique that blows open huge running lanes on counter plays (22:35)
The absolute best blocking technique to slow down a bigger, faster d-lineman (24:44)
The biggest mistake coaches make when teaching the cut block (26:55)
4 essential pass protection skills your o-linemen MUST possess (28:50)
Exactly how to execute the power step, set step, up-kick, and kick step (29:30)
Why you should NEVER give up the inside lane (35:25)
The best pass protection technique to use for a 3-step QB drop (37:39)
A mega-effective drill to develop quick, choppy footwork and rock-solid balance (42:10 
Why you should never punch an attacker that's not in your strike zone (42:47)
The absolute best way to develop quickness and agility in your guards and tackles (44:30)  

And much more.

Here’s what other coaches are saying:

"Simple To Learn..."

"This coaching system is so simple to learn... the kids have picked up these critical fundamentals more quickly than anything else we have taught.  I've gotten many congratulations from the other coaches for how fast we progressed. Thanks!"

Marty McGaghey
Bisbee, AZ

"Putting Up More Points On The Board

"Our offense has immediately gotten more productive and we're putting more points up on the board. Running yardage has improved by 50% because of you blocking in space techniques. We are neutralizing every top defensive lineman in our league and overall offensive play is much improved"

Randy Arivaca
Somerset West-Rock Creek, Oregon

"I'm More Confident As A Head Coach"

"This video series has removed the mystery of coaching oline for me. I was a quarterback in high school, so I understand the importance of blocking, but never knew the specific techniques and fundamentals or how to teach them.  Now, I'm more confident as a head coach and can get into the nitty-gritty with my players, which they love."

Ruben Almeida
Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA

Are you beginning to see how powerful these secrets are... how easy it’ll be to teach them to your team... and how dominant your offensive attack will be?

Here’s the best part.

You can be learning all of these O-Line coaching secrets…

In Just 90 Seconds!

That’s right, all 3 videos are yours today as an online video clinic.  As soon as your order is completed, you can instantly access ALL the material in living color… right over your computer screen!

You don’t need to be a computer whiz (or even computer literate).

If you can click a mouse button, then you have all the skills you need to access this online material.  (And just in case - everything is explained with step by step instructions and “screencapture” images showing you exactly what to do).

And it gets even better…

Free Bonus Clinic When You Order Today!

Because if you order right now, before midnight tonight , I’ll also throw in an additional clinic valued at $40.00… for FREE!  It's called “Advanced O-Line Coaching Strategies”... and it reveals

The Stunningly Simple Secrets
Of Elite-Level Offensive Linemen!

Here’s a small sample of what’s included in this free bonus:

How to take advantage of a rushing defender when his momentum stalls (and pummel him straight to the turf)
The absolute best way to defeat a quick linebacker's swim move (and give your QB a few more precious seconds in the pocket)
How to stop a bigger, stronger bull-rushing defender using an amazing "double-hop" technique (6:54)
The simple key to countering a d-linemen's "push-pull" move
How to confuse the defensive line (and keep the secondary guessing) using a "sneaky" stance technique
How to bait a defender into an offside penalty (16:01)
A "what's for dinner" technique that helps your entire team remember the snap count and virtually eliminate penalties (Hint: "burrito" means "on 3")
How to condition your o-linemen for quick bursts and explosive power
A little-known teaching technique that helps football players learn skills 2-3 times faster
The most effective drill to "unleash the beast" in your o-linemen (even the most timid kid will explode with "Hulk-like" aggression when you try this incredible technique - 22:35)

These time-tested techniques are simple, fast, and proven to work with football players of all ages and ability levels.

The 4 online clinics are easy worth $160.00. But you won't pay anywhere close to that when you order today.

Listen. I know that being a volunteer football coach isn't exactly the road to riches. You spend a ton of your time and energy working to develop your team... and in most cases... any coaching materials come out of your own pocket (or a very small team budget).

So I want to make this super-easy and accessible for even the humblest coach.

Try It Today For Just $7

That's right! You can get complete access to all 4 online video clinics today for just $7.

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If you're happy with the videos and want to keep them. Do nothing and we'll charge you the remaining $40 at the end of the 2 week trial period. (a total of $47 for all 4 videos)

If you're NOT blown away with the drills and tips, just send me an email at steve [at] and I'll refund your $7 trial payment right away.

You won't be charged another penny. No harm. No foul.

Why Would I Be So Generous?

Of course, some shady coaches could just take advantage of this deal by learning all the material inside the 2 week trial period, and still asking for the refund.

But I'm cool with that. You see, 99.9% of the coaches in our community are good people who wouldn't try to pull a fast one.

And I'm so confident in the quality of this training system... I think you're going to see some incredible improvements in your offensive line play... and you'll be happy to make the full $47 investment in the end.

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