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Desk of: Coach Steve Tucker

Dear Youth Football Coach,

You think I'm kidding with this offer?

I'm not.

Since 2005, I've been giving coaches like you amazing "insider" information from deep inside the "elite youth football" world -- tactics, secrets, and advice you would never discover on your own, no matter how many years you searched.

And since you're a loyal supporter, and member of my "e-hotlist", I think it's high time I did you a serious favor.

You see, most youth football coaches tend to write in with questions about offensive drills and plays:

Should I use a Single Wing or Double Wing?... What's the best way to teach QB throwing mechanics?... How do I improve my execution of blocking schemes?...

And so on.

And we oblige. I love offense as much as the next guy. It's fun working with the "skill-players," and the kids have a blast doing the drills.

But I also love winning football games. You know - knocking off the "top teams" in your league and surprising the heck out of everyone. Getting your hands on

The Shiny 1st Place Trophy
(not the lame participation ribbon)

… and commanding the respect of parents, players, and other coaches by CONSISTENTLY playing at a high level… every time your kids walk on the field.

But here's the shocking reality most youth football guys don't want to hear:

Offense isn't the answer.

Sometimes, the weather's crappy and you're lucky just to hold onto the ball for a few downs. Your QB gets distracted by the cheerleaders and starts throwing interceptions left and right.

And every once in a while your backs and receivers come down with a bad case of the "butterfingers."

Bottom line: You can't simply rely on "outscoring" your opponent every game.

The Real Secret To Winning
More Youth Football Games

If you really want your team to be competitive - game after game - then you gotta motivate your DEFENSE to play smart... aggressive... and with maximum effort.

Your job… no… your RESPONSIBILITY as a coach is to equip your defensive players with the fundamentals and skills to

1. Dominate the line of scrimmage

2. Stop the run

3. Lock down receivers in the open field.

Here's the good news. It's easier than you think.

Because I just got my hands on a brand new online video clinic that will transform ANY team into a defensive juggernaut. It's so simple to learn... all you need is 31 minutes and 14 seconds to master it all for yourself.

The instructor is Joe Bouffard… Director of the prestigious Youth Football Coaches Association… founder of Youth Football USA… and regular speaker at the world-famous Glazier/Mega Clinics (where coaches shell out $299 just to attend).

The clinic is called "Defensive Drills For Youth Football." Inside, 'Coach Bouf' reveals his amazingly effective system for developing top-notch defensive skills for ANY youth football team.

Every drill is designed just for kids 5-13. And all the techniques and coaching points are laser-targeted to focus on the SPECIFIC skills youth football players need to know.

In no time at all, your team will be grabbing boatloads of interceptions… forcing fumbles at will… and applying a suffocating defensive pressure that will totally demoralize your opponents.

Want more details? Here's a small taste of what's included:

Why you should NEVER, EVER start your defensive drills with a whistle (2:23)
A simple "Stance and Starts" drill that trains your kids to explode off the line with the power of a laser-guided smart bomb! (3:54)
An incredible "W" agility drill that helps your players open up their hips and change direction on a dime… for a quicker, more responsive defensive unit that blankets the entire field! (7:02)
The brutal footwork mistake most young DB's and LB's make… and a cool little "cone drill" that immediately corrects it! (9:59)
3 little-known "Ball-Strip" techniques that will literally DOUBLE your forced fumbles per game (Sshh… you'll wanna keep this one a secret!) (14:52)
A fun, competitive "Ball Wrestling" drill your kids will absolutely LOVE. Perfect for boosting the intensity level of your practices (18:45)
The advanced (but easy to learn) "D-Line Scramble" routine that trains your kids to explode off the line, chase down the ball-carrier, make a ferocious tackle, scoop a fumble… then run the ball back to the end zone! (23:00)
How to master the art of fumble recovery with a unique "Fumble Hunt" drill (24:38)
A cool little "Shed and Go" drill that teaches your players to shed a block, locate the ball-carrier, and finish with a punishing open-field tackle (27:18)
How to train your d-linemen to block passing lanes and bat down balls at the L.O.S. using a nifty little "Tip Drill" (28:39)
An amazing "Distraction Catch Drill" that trains your DB's and LB's to see the flight of the ball through traffic, and snatch boatloads of interceptions easier than taking candy from a baby! (30:03)

And much, much more.

I'm telling you… get hip to Coach Bouf's secrets, and your team will improve IMMEDIATELY.

The results are stunning, no matter how little (or how much) coaching experience you have... or how much your defense is struggling right now.

Truth is… your kids can be short, chubby, and molasses-slow, and you'll STILL slaughter every team in your league once you master these secrets.

Here's what's really cool...

Every Drill Is Explained In PLAIN ENGLISH
With Step By Step Instructions And Live
Demos By Real Youth League Players

There's no coaching experience required at all. Anyone can do it!

Each drill can be adjusted for "pad" and "no-pad" practices too, so it's easy to customize this stuff for different age and competitive levels.

Here's what other coaches are saying about my youth football resources…


11-12 Year Old League Champions!

"The Livonia Orioles JV team won the WLJFL Championship this year! We got more work done in less time, which gave us more time to run plays. Thanks coach Steve for getting all the coaches together in this form."
Eric Carrier
Livonia Orioles
WJFL 11-12 Year Old Champs

9-0 - Conference Champs!

"We were 9-0 and conference champs. Your drills were helpful in improving the performance of our players and team. The drills are thoroughly explained and easy to implement."

David Sandlin
Sugar Land, TX

"The Kids Love It!"

"As a first time youth head football coach, I was looking for a system that would help me run drills and set up practice. Steve's resources have helped me immensely. Now there is a good tempo to practice with new drills, and the kids love it!"

Mike Dutra
Coastal Tritons Pee Wee
San Diego, California

"From Middle of the Pack to League Champs!"

"Last year, we were 3 and 5, middle of the pack. This season we were 8 and 1 and won the league championship! Overall the skill level of the kids improved greatly and we had several compliments on the skills the kids knew and employed during the game."

John Moffit
Stanfield Wildcats
Echo Oregon

"Kids Are Learning More And Having Fun"

"Since most of our youth coaches are dads who may have played years ago or not at all, I'm always looking for resources that can effectively explain drills and show how to plan an effective practice. Steve's guide has helped these dads become more organized and our kids are learning more and having fun."

Gary Wynn,
Solomons Steelers
St. Leonard, MD

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