Title: Developing a Defensive Game Plan

Length: 51 minutes

Format: Online Video Clinic. Stream the videos over your Internet connection, download them to your computer, or watch on your mobile device.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Age Groups: All

Summary: Discover the proven tips, tricks, and strategies for developing a successful defensive game plan!

Learn how to analyze an opponent, identify their tendencies, and develop a game plan to exploit their weaknesses.

Includes sample weekly practice schedules, game plan call sheets, and a simple tool for evaluating defensive performance.

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Here's a small sample of what's included...

7 easy ways to maximize every minute of your defensive practice time (2:31)
How to use "football classes," lunch meetings and bus time to prepare your defense for an upcoming opponent (7:05)
The 5 key defensive fundamentals you MUST emphasize at EVERY practice (8:34)
The CORRECT way to use game film to evaluate an opponent - makes it easy to evaluate their personnel, identify their tendencies, and develop a game plan to exploit their weaknesses! (11:05)
9 simple secrets for getting a competitive advantage over other teams in your league - easy tips and tricks that produce immediate results! (15:17)
An easy 4-part formula for grading your defensive performance, so you can identify shortcomings in your personnel, make adjustments, and continually improve your team throughout the season! (21:08)
How to develop a defensive game plan by evaluating the personnel groupings and favorite plays of your opponent (32:55)
How to use down and distance tendencies to predict your opponent's play-calling with stunning accuracy. It's like having a crystal ball that tells you exactly what play they're going to run! (35:31)
A step by step weekly practice template for preparing your defensive unit… including individual skill drills and rehearsals against the scout team (37:25)
An easy mental checklist that helps coaches stay on track and focus on factors critical to success (48:47)

And much more...


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