Desk of: Coach Steve Tucker

Dear Friend,

Please excuse my audacity, but I'm willing to bet you $100 I could instantly DOUBLE the effectiveness of your defensive performance on the field.

Why am I so sure? Because I've watched hundreds of practices, clinics, camps, and private workouts over the years, and seen hundreds of coaches shoot themselves in the foot with the same silly mistakes.

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar…

You understand the importance of tackling, and work hard to help your kids develop the proper fundamentals. The drills you use in practice seem to work well enough, and your players seem to be getting better…

But When It Comes To Game
Time, Everything Falls Apart!

All of a sudden, their technique goes out the window. Kids are blowing tackles left and right. Your defensive execution is horrible.

Some of them are shying away from contact, trying to arm-tackle or trip the ball-carrier.

Or - even worse - they're just dropping their head and bulldozing into eachother, with no regard for their own safety!

It's like they forgot everything you taught them!

And you're stuck on the bench, pulling your hair out… wondering why-oh-why the skills they learn in practice aren't TRANSFERRING to live competition!

It's frustrating for you and your coaching staff. It's frustrating for your players. And it's frustrating for your fans and team parents too.

But guess what?

It's Not Your Fault!

Truth is, some of the most popular defensive football drills out there - the same ones many so-called coaching "experts" are telling you to use - do NOTHING to prepare your kids for the demands of a real, live football game.

For example…

I cringe every time I see a misguided youth football coach running full-contact tackling drills... cracking the whip while his kids slam into each other at full speed.


Tackling drills are NOT for making your kids "tougher." They're for developing and reinforcing the fundamentals, so your players can execute an effective tackle against a real, live ball-carrier.

The faster and harder your kids go in practice, the less likely they are to use the correct technique... 

The more likely they are to develop bad habits...

And the more likely they are to hurt themselves.

Here's The Bitter Truth

As long as you keep running the same ineffective, outdated drills in your practices, your team will continue to struggle.

The losses will continue to mount up. Your coaching credibility will continue to plummet. And your players will get more and more bummed out and depressed with their football experience.

But don't worry. I've got good news for you: A simple solution to your tackling woes that's easy to learn and easy to execute, whether you're a grizzled football veteran… or this is the first time you've ever walked onto the field.

It's a brand new football coaching resource called "Dynamic Tackling Skills and Drills."

Inside, you'll get a complete set of proven practice activities specifically designed to help your team develop killer tackling fundamentals, and - this is the important part - TRANSFER those skills into live, in-game competition.

This is NOT just about using scrimmages or small-group drills.

It's about combining TECHNICAL skills (like fit position, footwork, and aiming points) with TACTICAL skills (like reading a ball-carrier's cut, beating a block, or creating a pursuit angle).

Once Your Players Master These Two Areas - The Technical AND The Tactical - You'll Blow Your Competition Off The Field While Barely Breaking A Sweat!

Your instructor is Paul Rhoads - head coach at Iowa State and one of the most celebrated bench bosses in the college game.

You might remember him from the Cyclones stunning wins over Oklahoma State and Nebraska, or their inspirational Insight Bowl title in 2009.

But where Coach Rhoads really cut his teeth was at the University of Pittsburgh, as defensive coordinator and secondary coach. From 2000-2008, he developed one of the stingiest defenses in all of college football, and made a name for himself as a master defensive skill developer.

He personally mentored six players onto NFL stardom (including New York Jets Pro-Bowler Darrelle Revis) finished fifth in total defense, third in pass defense, and was named the Big East's best defensive coordinator by Sporting News.

Inside this online clinic, Coach Rhoads takes you through his own hand-picked progression of dynamic skills and drills for tackling - stuff you can use at every position, from your defensive ends, to your tackles, your linebackers, your defensive backs… even your special teams.

Every activity is designed to develop and reinforce the correct fundamentals, combine technical and tactical skills, and prepare your kids to perform at their highest level against the toughest offenses in your league.

Let's take a minute to go through the drills you're about to learn, so you can see how effective this resource will be for YOUR team:

Form Tackle Drill: Learn how to teach safe, effective tackling technique in 3 easy steps.

This is one drill you should spend AT LEAST 10 minutes on at EVERY practice (even if you're working with experienced players).

Angle Form Tackle Drill: Trains your players to get their face into the opposite armpit of the ball-carrier, stop him cold, and force him back towards the goal line.

Crowther Sled Drill: Reinforces proper body alignment, getting the hips "north" through the ball-carrier, and stopping your kids from "spinning" off the tackle.

Ray Lewis has this down pat… and it's the reason he's STILL the most feared tackler in the NFL (way past his athletic "prime")

Medicine Ball Drill: Teaches your defenders to defeat the cut block, close strong to the ball, shoot the hands and hips, and finish with an explosive angle tackle.

This drill will immediately help your linebackers get stronger at the point of attack.

Run-Balance-Hit Drill: An open field tackling drill that trains your kids to approach the play with a wide base and choppy feet, react to the cut and attack the ball-carrier with controlled, confident aggression.

This one's essential for stopping an explosive running back.

Angle Run-Balance-Hit Drill: Learn the best way to create an effective pursuit angle, target the ball-carrier's inside hip, and stop him from cutting back to the middle.

This drill is ESSENTIAL for becoming an effective "run-plugger" at the linebacker position.

Sideline Tackle Drill: How to use the sideline as an extra defender, trap the ball-carrier, and make a punishing tackle on the finish.

Master this one technique and you'll dramatically decrease your opponent's "yards after the catch."

The best part is Coach Rhoads' teaching approach.

It's a unique four-step method that makes it brain-dead simple for ANYONE to understand - no matter how little (or how much) experience you have!

To start out, he hits the whiteboard and draws up a simple drill diagram. This is your explanation "from 30,00 feet" - the basic structure of the drill and how it's run.

Next, he demonstrates the drill himself, highlighting the key fundamentals and techniques that coaches need to understand.

Keep in mind, this is not some pot-bellied old guy "pretending" to be a football player.

Coach Rhoads was a stud defensive back at Missouri Western State back in the 80's, and he's still got the physique and mobility to show you how it's done.

Third, we head out onto the field to see his players get after it in a real, live practice.

You'll see slow-motion breakdowns of how each drill should be performed… critical coaching cues… and tips on how to spot and correct the most common mistakes.

Finally, Coach Rhoads breaks out some footage from an intra-squad scrimmage.

You'll see how all of these fundamentals apply in a real-game situation… and why they're so critical for your players to learn.

Every Drill Is Simple, Effective, 
Extremely Versatile

No matter what type of team you're working with, how many players you have, or what field space is available, you can get the complete benefits of Dynamic Tackling Skills and Drills and start dominating your competition right away!

Here are just some of the ways you can use these techniques:

Youth football 
High school football 
Breakdown sessions with your linemen, linebackers, and d-backs
Full defensive unit practices
Tryouts and skill evaluations
Summer football camps
Private lessons and small group workouts

The possibilities are endless!

And it's not just drills you'll find inside this incredible online clinic. Coach Rhoads delivers dozens of quick-learn coaching points and insider tips to help you shorten the learning curve and get the biggest results in the fastest way possible. For example…

How to develop the 4 characteristics of a great tackler. HINT: these have nothing to do with size, strength, or speed…
How to use "Tag," "Thud," and "Scrimmage" tempos to develop and reinforce proper tackling technique (and prevent your kids from getting banged up in practice)
Why 7 on 7 is the best format for group tackling drills. This might surprise some "old-school" coaches...

A "county fair" technique that eliminates wasted time, increases the efficiency of your practices, and gets your kids "game-ready" as fast as humanly possible.

An extremely clever "Tackle Chart" tip that helps your coaching staff identify your defensive strengths and weaknesses… and makes each player personally accountable for their effort and success on the field!
The #1 cause of "stinger" injuries. Learn what it is and how to avoid it!
An extremely common "torquing" mistake that results in TONS of blown tackles. See what it is, and an easy coaching point that magically corrects it.
Why your players should never make an "Eyes-Down" tackle. (It's not just a safety issue… it actually decreases the effectiveness of your tackling too!)
How to help your players transfer their fundamentals from the practice field to real, live game situations. HINT: it's all in your teaching progression...

And a lot more.

Here's what makes this a total no brainer for you. The entire system is presented as an online video clinic, so you can access everything

In Just 90 Seconds!

There's no out of town seminars to travel to… no boring textbooks to read… and you don't need to wait for anything to show up in the mail.

After your order is processed, you'll be instantly redirected to our secure video clinic download page… where you can access all the material right away.

It's easy too. No "tech" experience required. If you know how to click a mouse, then you have all the skills you need.

(And just in case you run into any problems… me or my trusty assistant Mary will be here to help out any time)

You can stream the videos over your Internet connection, or save them to your computer. You can even share the online clinic with the rest of your coaching staff… so everyone's on the same page and ready to rock for your very next practice!

Bottom Line. Once You're In… You're IN

Registering for this online clinic gets you complete lifetime access to everything. There are no time limits… no hassles… and no pressure. You learn everything on your own schedule.

Ready to dive in? Here's what to do next!

Click on the orange "Add to Cart" button below to place your secure order now. Your payment is processed on our secure servers, and your privacy is 100% protected.

There are 3 easy payment methods for your convenience: Credit Card, Debit Card, or PayPal.

You get instant access to the online clinic as soon as your payment is approved. And you can learn all these new drills in under an hour!

Until now, the only way to learn these drills directly from a big-time NCAA coach would be at one of those overpriced national coaching clinics in Las Vegas or Orlando.

By the time you paid your admission ($150), air fare (at least $200), hotel and meals (another $200)… you're in the hole $550 or more.

But today, we're bringing Coach Rhoads to you - right in the comfort of your own living room or office, for just $47 $37.

Even better, you don't risk a penny because I'm covering everything with an incredible

One Hundred Dollar
"Put My Money Where My Mouth Is"

Here's the deal. Order the online clinic right now and you get two full months to review the material and decide if the tackling drills are as good as I say.

Use them in practice with your players. Show them to your assistant coaches. Heck... spend a few minutes on the field and try out a few of 'em for yourself.

If you're not 100% impressed with the drills... if you don't see an immediate improvement in the way your players transfer their fundamentals into game situations... if you're not making better quality tackles and holding your opponents to fewer points… just let me know and I'll cheerfully refund your entire payment right away.

And to really make sure you're happy, I'll even let you pick ANY resource from my coaching library valued at $100 or less and

Let You Have It For FREE!

That's right! Any single online clinic or book from my library (under $100) is yours - on the house.

Crazy I know... but that's just how confident I am that this stuff will blow your mind and completely transform your team.

My accountant thinks I've totally lost my marbles… and my partners tried to veto this deal before I even got started.

They think that some unscrupulous folks will try to take advantage of this deal and screw me over. But I trust you, and I know you'll give this a fair shake. And in the end, the $37 for the online clinic will be the best investment you'll make all season.

There's just one catch. We decided to cut off access after just 250 slots in the online clinic are full - which should be enough to cover everyone on my e-hotlist. I can guarantee YOUR slot until midnight on   .

After that, I'm reserving the right to pass your slot to the next guy down the line.

So you'll want to click on the button below and order this right now.

Don't go back to checking your email or surfing the web and plan on coming back later… because it'll almost certainly mean you'll lose out on this limited time offer.

The Choice Is Yours…

You can continue to face the same frustrations and poor performance, and keep boo-hooing about why your kids aren't playing to their potential… OR you can learn from one of the top football skill developers in the world, finally start playing the way you KNOW your team is capable of, and become the TOP DOG in your football league.

This letter could just be the "kick in the pants" that finally knocked your butt into the football coaching stratosphere… or it could do nothing more than leave a nasty bruise on your behind. It's up to you.

Yours for better tackling,

Coach Steve Tucker

PS - If you think you've heard it all before and that none of these drills will be new to you… you need to watch this online clinic more than anyone!

I guarantee that you'll find several new practice ideas YOU ARE NOT DOING right now. Ideas that will give your players the mental and physical skills to execute your defensive strategy, and help your team win more games.

Besides, if you watch the online clinic (it's less than an hour long) and decide that the info is nothing new and you can't use it, I will happily refund your money AND let you have any single resource from my library (up to $100) for free.

Go ahead and click the button below to get started now!



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