"19 Simple Offensive Drills
Every Youth Football Coach

Should Know…"

Desk of Coach Steve Tucker

Dear Friend,

Fantastic news.

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Here's what's happening: I just recently got my hands on this brand new online video clinic called "Offensive Drills For Youth Football."

The instructor is Joe Bouffard - DIRECTOR of the Youth Football Coaches Association, and one of the most highly respected youth football guys on the planet.

Inside, you'll discover 19 wickedly effective offensive drills for your quarterbacks, running backs, receivers and offensive linemen.

Here's a small sample of what's included:

The absolute best drill to use at the beginning of your offensive practice. Gets your kids mentally and physically focused… and gives the coaches a chance to correct common mistakes (1:34)
2 little-known QB/RB drills to develop and reinforce proper hand-off technique… for quicker, smoother, more efficient hand-offs… and no more fumbles! (11:52)
A nifty little "Clock Face" drill that quickly teaches your quarterbacks to open their hips in the correct direction for each play in your playbook (17:44)
The fastest, easiest way to teach quarterback drops. Simple techniques to master the 3-step, 5-step , roll-out, sprint-out, and play fakes… (20:37)
A 6-step agility series for developing blazing "short-burst" speed and jaw-dropping "stop on a dime" agility (even if you know nothing about speed training right now!) (26:54)
A cool "ESPN" drill that reinforces proper throwing technique with your QB's… and trains your receivers to focus on the ball with their hands AND their minds… (38:14)
The FUN "Globetrotter" drill that develops pro-level hand-eye coordination for every offensive position. HINT: you can use tennis balls, basketballs… even beach balls to spice this one up! (42:02)
The "Fit/Hit/Drive" drill that rapidly trains your o-lineman to master the art of drive-blocking… for gaping rush lanes your running back could drive a Mac truck through! (48:12)

And a whole lot more.

Each Drill Is Specifically
Designed For Kids 5-13

Everything is simple, straightforward and designed to gets results immediately. Even if you know nothing about coaching football right now.

You'll also get dozens of "quick-learn" coaching pointers and tips to help cut down the learning curve… and get the biggest, most dramatic improvements in the least possible time.

For example…

A HUGE mistake inexperienced coaches make when teaching the hand-off. See the RIGHT way to do it here… (6:58)
4 critical factors to remember whenever you run an agility drill. If you're not reinforcing these points, you're totally wasting your time! (31:04)
The #1 secret for developing "sticky" hands with your wide receivers (never drop a pass again!) (35:14)
The silly error coaches make with hand-shields and bags. It slows down your athlete's development, AND exposes the coach to unnecessary injury! Are you doing this right now? (43:37)
A quirky (but wildly effective) "Booger" technique that helps teach correct blocking fundamentals. Your kids will NOT forget this one! (46:55)

And many more.

Look. I could go on and on about these battle-tested drills and strategies. And how they'll immediately help you win more football games.

But you really have to SEE this stuff to understand how good it is. Trying to explain it in a letter is like trying to see a painting in a dark room.

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Coach Steve Tucker

PS - Here's what other youth football coaches are saying about my resources...


"I Was Skeptical, But Your Program Is Exceptional"

"Steve, your program is exceptional. I have been coaching for 17 years. To be honest, I am always skeptical of buying information on the internet with the hope it fullfills the needs I desire for my team.

Your program does and it really helps make the practices and tryouts perfectly structured. Keep up the good work and the updates are much appreciated.

Your program is a must for all coaches."

Bill Marr
Mokena, IL

11-12 Year Old League Champions!

"The Livonia Orioles JV team won the WLJFL Championship this year! We got more work done in less time, which gave us more time to run plays. Thanks coach Steve for getting all the coaches together in this form."
Eric Carrier
Livonia Orioles
WJFL 11-12 Year Old Champs

"The Kids Love It!"

"As a first time youth head football coach, I was looking for a system that would help me run drills and set up practice.

Steve's resources have helped me immensely. Now there is a good tempo to practice with new drills, and the kids love it!"

Mike Dutra
Coastal Tritons Pee Wee
San Diego, California

PPS - You'll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to use these offensive drills in practice. Each one was designed, tested, and tweaked to work specifically for youth football players.

And everything is explained CLEARLY. No "insider" mumbo jumbo or fancy-pants language. I promise - even if you've never coached before, you can master this stuff in minutes. And with the 60 day guarantee, there's really no risk at all.

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