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Desk of: Coach Steve Tucker

Dear Coach,

  et ready to enjoy the game of football like you never have before… to watch your team play the way you've always wanted them to play… and to be admired (and envied) by every coach in your league. 

In just a few moments, you're going to discover a complete step by step formula for installing pro-level skills into every offensive player on your team.

From your quarterbacks… to your receivers… o-linemen… running backs... even tight ends.

These are the drills and coaching tips you SHOULD have been taught the very first time you walked on a football field. And if you give this system an honest shot, it's going to change the way your team plays forever.

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I know this might sound a little hyped up… maybe even hard to believe. So let me give you some more details and you can decide for yourself if this is the right program for you.

First off… how can I be so sure this will transform your team into a offensive powerhouse? Well, if you don't already know me by now - my name is Coach Steve Tucker.

Over the past 5 years, I've personally mentored over 13,284 youth and high school coaches through my newsletters, videos, and best-selling books… and helped them improve their players skills, win more games, and have more FUN in their coaching jobs.

Many of these coaches started out as skeptics… but were quickly transformed into raving fans once they actually TRIED my material with their teams. Here are a few of the success stories I've received:

"I Was Skeptical, But Your Program Is Exceptional"

"Steve, your program is exceptional. I have been coaching for 17 years. To be honest, I am always skeptical of buying information on the internet with the hope it fullfills the needs I desire for my team.

Your program does and it really helps make the practices and tryouts perfectly structured. Keep up the good work and the updates are much appreciated.

Your program is a must for all coaches."

Bill Marr
Mokena, IL

11-12 Year Old League Champions!

"The Livonia Orioles JV team won the WLJFL Championship this year! We got more work done in less time, which gave us more time to run plays. Thanks coach Steve for getting all the coaches together in this form."
Eric Carrier
Livonia Orioles
WJFL 11-12 Year Old Champs

"The Kids Love It!"

"As a first time youth head football coach, I was looking for a system that would help me run drills and set up practice.

Steve's resources have helped me immensely. Now there is a good tempo to practice with new drills, and the kids love it!"

Mike Dutra
Coastal Tritons Pee Wee
San Diego, California

I'm not sharing these success stories to show off or gloat. I just wanted you to see a small sample of the thousands of teams who benefit from my material every season, so you'll know that this stuff is for real… and really works for real coaches like you.

Okay… enough pre-amble… here's the deal.

I've just released an incredible new online video clinic called "Total Offensive Skills & Drills." Inside, you'll discover over 139 killer skills and drills for training your quarterbacks, receivers, o-linemen, tight ends and running backs.

These are the little-known secrets to skyrocketing your team's offensive production in the least possible time. Best of all, it's all laid out in a simple, step by step formula that's easy for ANY coach to understand… no matter how little (or how much) experience you have right now.

There's no complicated jargon… no filler… and no fluff here. Just hard-core offensive skills & techniques you can take immediately to the field... in your very next practice!

The online clinic is broken down into 4 sections… each one taught by a championship high school or college coach with big-time experience.

Let's go through each video one by one, so you can see EXACTLY what kinds of drills and coaching tips are covered… and EXACTLY how this will help your team win more games this season.

Video Clinic #1
"Offensive Line Skills & Drills"

Your first video, "Offensive Line Skills & Drills" is brought to you by Mike Turner… offensive coordinator and offensive line coach at Carson-Newman College in Tennessee.

In 2003, he was honored as the top Assistant Coach in the COUNTRY by the American Football Coaches Association… and he's widely respected as a master of o-line fundamentals with a gift for teaching. Here's a small taste of what you'll learn:


How to lock in the "true" source of power in your o-lineman's stance (HINT: you don't have to be big, strong, or even athletic at all!) (watch this technique at 1:34)
A little known "tripod" drill to generating massive acceleration off the line of scrimmage (6:30)
A simple A-B-C formula for installing pro-level blocking mechanics into every o-lineman on your team. Get outrageously effective run blocking and airtight pass protection… practically overnight! (12:47)
Easy, step by step instructions to execute the drive block, reach block, down block, and scoop block. (15:17)
One tiny adjustment that literally forces your o-line to fire off the ball with the force and power of a laser guided smart bomb… on every single down! (31:47)
A HUGE mistake young players make when locked up with a larger attacker… PLUS… a simple "veer" technique that pummels d-linemen straight to the turf! (36:07)
How to train your tight ends to win the collision against a stronger, faster player. You'll see exactly how the pros do it… and why size mismatches will NEVER be a problem for your team again! (46:19)

And much, much more.

Video Clinic #2
"Effective Practice Drills For Receivers"

Your second video "Effective Practice Drills For Receivers" is brought to you by Rob Best… quarterbacks and receivers coach at the University of Buffalo.

In his previous job at Appalachian State, he led the Mountaineers to three Southern Conference Championships and 10 NCAA playoff appearances… including a magical 11-0 season in 1995!

Coach Best has a special knack for teaching the fundamentals of the receiver position… from speed and agility… to catching… running routes… and reading the defense.

And he breaks it all down with step by step instructions and live player demos inside this incredible online clinic! Here's a small sample of what's included:

5 easy-to-learn "hand" drills that develop strong, powerful fingers and pro-level hande-eye coordination… so your receivers can snag any pass with ease! (find them at 5:37)
The absolute best way to develop speed and agility in your receivers… so they can plant hard and make sharp, explosive cuts on the field (8:25)
A nifty "ground catch" drill that teaches your receivers to REACH for the ball (instead of waiting for it to come to their chests). This is the #1 key to preventing costly interceptions! (12:39)
A fun "Twist Drill" your kids will absolutely LOVE to do in practice! Helps them corrale a short pass without breaking their stride! (17:19)
How to train your receivers to catch the ball at it's highest point. Immediately translates into more completions (and more touchdowns) for your team! (24:14)
A "5 yard route" practice secret that helps you get DOZENS of high-quality reps in 8 minutes or less. This one tip alone will save you hours of wasted practice time! (28:52)
3 essential skills for defeating a defensive back off the line of scrimmage. Gets your receivers WIDE OPEN… almost on command! (32:35)
4 "combo" drills that allow your WR's and QB's to work together under game-like conditions (38:09)

And much, much more.

Video Clinic #3
"Complete Running Back Drills"

Your third video is called Complete Running Back Drills.. and it stars one of the most accomplished and widely respected high school coaches in the game: John Rice.

Coach Rice is a brilliant football strategist who’s starred on the national clinic circuit for over 23 years… created 27 football instructional videos…. and written 2 best-selling football books.

While on the staff at Trinity HS in Louisville, Kentucky, Rice took his team to TWO Division 4A championships… and a #4 national ranking in USA Today.

Inside this one-of-a-kind video, Coach Rice reveals his own unique teaching progression for developing an all-star running back. Here's some of what you'll discover:

7 killer drills for developing explosive speed, quick feet and cat-like agility. Immediately translates into more rushing yards per carry… and a more potent offense for your team! (find these drills at 3:40)
A unique "bag swipe" drill that teaches your kids to shrug off tackles, maintain their balance and forward motion, and power the ball straight through the gut of the defense! (11:32)
10 "Steps, Mesh and Course" drills that train your running backs to use the correct footwork before, during and after receiving the handoff… then explode through the gap with the authority and confidence of an NFL pro! (14:06) 
The best way to train your RB's to read the motion of the down linemen… then adjust their course to punch through the gap at full speed (21:02) 
11 all-new catching drills designed specifically for running backs.  A "must-see" for any coach running a modern or spread offense (26:08) 
A fun "pyramid" drill that helps develop breakout speed, soft hands, and excellent concentration skills. Use this one whenever you want to get your team's competitive juices flowing! (32:08) 
5 essential blocking drills every coach should know. Teaches your kids to strike up and in… extend their hips… and totally dominate an oncoming linebacker or d-lineman (39:31) 
 12 no-fail ball security drills that will eliminate 90% of your fumbles (46:31)

And much, much more.

Video Clinic #4
"Quarterback Coaching Secrets Revealed"

Your fourth video is called "Quarterback Coaching Secrets," and it comes from Doug Brady, one of the most sought after hot-shot quarterback instructors on the planet.

You might have seen him at national coaching clinics… or working with blue-chip high school talent at the National Passing Academy… or the exclusive Nebraska Elite Quarterback Camp, (where athletes fly in from all over the country and pay $400 for a short weekend of training).

Inside this video Coach Brady reveals his astonishing four-step coaching system for developing elite-level quarterbacks. Here's a small sample of what you'll learn.

10 simple exercises to dramatically improve speed, agility and flexibility. (1:05)
How to build "vice-like" finger and hand strength for better ball control, accuracy, and throwing velocity (8:15)
3 critical keys to building elite-level passing mechanics. (10:50)
11 killer drills to build titanic arm strength and dead-eye passing accuracy. Your QB will suddenly be delivering sizzling passes with pro-level timing, and making it look oh-soooo easy! (11:29)
What youth quarterbacks can learn from NBA jumpshooters (14:42)
How to use the "Ball Bounce" drill to develop lightning quick reflexes off the snap (16:16)
An outrageously effective "Whip "drill that immediately injects more zip into a QB's arm. Makes it easy to hit a receiver right between the numbers on every throw! (18:30)
12 footwork drills to build quick, efficient movements under pressure... and teach your players to scramble for a first down when necessary (25:11)
How to use the "Elway Drill" to improve confidence, agility, and poise in the pocket (28:55)
Why your quarterbacks should always initiate movement with the back foot (WARNING: 7 out of 10 QB's get this dead wrong!) (30:12)
The absolute best way to teach a 1,2, 3, and 5 step drop (38:02)
How "cutting grass with your feet" helps players to become more of a threat on the ground (49:04)
How to teach your quarterback to take snaps from the shotgun (52:18)
An "insider secret" that helps QB's make a play off an errant snap (54:03)
Why quarterbacks should always scan the field the SAME WAY before taking a snap (and how this technique leaves opposing defensive coordinators frustrated and overwhelmed) (56:59)
An amazingly effective (yet rarely used) drill that teaches your QB's to get to balance, transfer his weight, then deliver an accurate pass in a fluid motion (61:16)

And much, much more.


Like I said before, there's over 139 PROVEN drills here. Each one was designed for FAST results, and is brain-dead simple to learn (even if you've never coached before).

In fact, these offensive skills are so easy to master… and so darn effective… I guarantee (with my own money) that your team will...

Score Touchdowns Like CRAZY!

Imagine how good it'll feel to put 40, 50… even 60 points up on the board every single game. And how much more FUN you'll have with your team!

You can say "goodbye" to the agony and frustration of those costly "3 and out" possessions. And "so long" to those needless fumbles, costly interceptions, and blown opportunities in the red zone.

Here's the best part. You can access all 4 videos

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The entire system is presented to you right over your computer screen, in a simple-to-use online video clinic. As soon as your secure payment is completed, we'll redirect you into our exclusive members area, where you can start watching the videos immediately.

That means no waiting for the mailman to show up… and no shipping and handling costs (that's a $10.00 savings right there!)

There's no special equipment or software required, and everything is EXTREMELY simple to use (even if you don't know squat about computers).

In fact, if you know how to click a mouse, then you have all the skills you need to dig into these skills and drills right now!

Here's What To Do Next…

If you're at all interested in developing a championship football team, it's absolutely vital that you learn these secrets as soon as possible. That's why I'm doing everything in my power to get this into your hands.

My question to you is, what do you think would be a fair price for this package?

Many people would say at least $40.00 per video… for a total of $160.00 (or more).

But I wouldn't feel right charging that much. I know that most of my e-hotlist guys are regular youth and high school coaches (just like me)… who don't have some gigantic slush fund they can tap into for football coaching investments.

In fact, most of my members purchase this stuff out of their own pockets… and they tell me over and over again that it's "well worth their investment."

So here's the deal. If you order right now, by midnight on , you can get the complete package (all 4 videos) for just $127.00 $97 (or 3 easy monthly payments of $47 $37).

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But wait… we're not done yet.

If you're one of the next 84 51 coaches to order, I'll also throw in an additional bonus video clinic absolutely free!

FREE BONUS Video Clinic
"Elite Quarterback Coaching Tactics"

This is another gem from Coach Doug Brady… and it's designed to help you take your QB's skills and transfer them into a real game situation (where it really counts!)

This bonus clinic (which could easily sell for $40.00 on its own) reveals a collection of wildly effective coaching techniques that make the transition from practices to games a breeze. For example:

7 simple-to-learn drills for escaping and moving in the pocket (1:02)
A fresh take on the "Rock and Pop" drill that immediately improves passing mechanics (5:01)
The incredible "weight transfer" secret that installs explosive velocity and "bullseye" accuracy when throwing on the move (not even one quarterback in a dozen understands the value of this easy-to-learn technique! - 9:49)
How to use the "Scout Drill" to stay calm in the pocket and escape incoming pressure (12:13)
5 all-new drills to teach your players to throw on the move (16:27)
The "pushing the ball back" technique that builds howitzer-like throwing velocity - even in junior-high QB's (20:37)
A little-known "T-step" drill that forces quarterbacks to get their shoulders square to the target and run downhill towards an open receiver
How to teach your QB to be decisive and confident when running with the football (24:46)
The 4 critical qualities of a successful quarterback (27:22)
4 common quarterback mistakes... and exactly how to fix them (29:24)
The amazingly simple secret to reading the defense at the line of scrimmage (here's a hint: watch the safeties! - 31:41)
How to use game film will to predict what a defense will do in every football situation (36:24)

And much, much more.

So, just to review… here's what you get when you order today:

 Video Clinic Title 


# of Drills



  Offensive Line Skills & Drills 47 mins 17 drills Mike Turner (Carson-Newman) $40.00
  Practice Drills For Receivers   36 mins  26 drills Rob Best (U Buffalo)  $40.00
  Complete Running Back Drills  53 mins  41 drills  John Rice (Eisenhower HS)  $40.00
  Quarterback Coaching Secrets  63 mins 39 drills Doug Brady (S.E. Missouri U)  $40.00
  (BONUS) Elite QB Coaching Tactics  38 mins  16 drills  Doug Brady (S.E. Missouri U)   $40.00

Each of those videos could easily sell for $40.00 on its own… that's a $200.00 value. But the entire package is yours today for just $127.00 $97 (or 3 easy monthly payments of $47 $37).

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Yes Coach Steve! Give me immediate access to "Total Offensive Skills & Drills" so I can get 139 all-new, killer practice drills that will transform my team into a powerhouse.

I understand this is a limited time offer and I'm getting $200.00 worth of material for only $127.00 $97 (or 3 easy monthly payments of $47 $37).

I also understand that I have 60 days to try out these techniques with my team, and if I'm not 100% impressed with the improvements I see, I can get a complete refund and still keep all 5 videos for FREE!

Finally, I understand that I can access all the material right over my computer screen, just 90 seconds after placing my order.

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Remember, this system works for ALL ages and ability levels…. and I guarantee that your offensive production will EXPLODE once you master these simple secrets.

And if you don't see the results I've talked about, you get every penny returned to you. Click here to get started today… and get ready to dominate your league!

Yours for better football,

Coach Steve Tucker

PS - Even though this online video clinic package is guaranteed to improve your team's throwing, catching, running and blocking skills like nothing else on the planet… I know from past experience that only around 1 coach in 10 will actually take me up on this offer.

Although my partner's insist we'll still break even from a "business standpoint," it still really bothers me personally.

You see, I KNOW how incredibly effective these drills and techniques are… and how quickly your team will improve when you use them in practice.

I've read the emails and letters from coaches who've tried this system out… I've talked to them on the phone… and I've heard their stories in person at live clinics and events.

And dozens of them have told me that "this system has transformed their team into an offensive powerhouse," and helped them achieve more success than they ever even dreamed about before.

So I just HATE the thought of someone not investing in this program because I failed to explain everything fully… or left some important point out.

That's why I held a special brainstorming session with a trusted group of football friends last night… just to try to figure out why you might say "no" to this risk-free offer. After a couple hours of serious digging, we could only think of 2 possible excuses.

Here they are.

  Excuse #1: You're not sure if this is appropriate for your team. 

Okay... I understand. We've all tried out football books or videos that claimed to be the answer to all our problems… then ended up being way too advanced (or too simple) for our needs.

The beauty of this program is that every video begins with basic fundamental skills (like stance and body mechanics)… then progresses to intermediate skills (like executing blocks, drop footwork, and ball security)… then eventually to more advanced skills (like reading and reacting to the coverage and picking up blitzes).

So there's something in each video for everyone, whether you coach coach Mitey-Mite… PeeWee… or Varsity High School. Click here to place your secure order now!

  Excuse #2: You're concerned about the price.

Trust me. I hear you on this one. You're not an NFL coach with a million dollar contract. And you probably don't have a "slush fund" to tap into either.

That's why I slashed the price from $160.00… down to just $127 $97 - so even regular "Joes" could afford it. There's even a monthly installment plan, so you can split it into 3 easy payments of $47 $37 if you prefer.

Here's the truth.

If you insist on sticking with the same tired old drills, and never teach your kids the TRUE secrets to offensive success, you can look forward to more of the SAME frustrations that the majority of youth and high school coaches face.

More frustrating turnovers… more missed scoring opportunities… and more devastating losses. Your team will get depressed and demotivated. And your coaching job will become more stressful than fun.

But there IS a better way.

You can make this investment in your team today… install these skills at your next practice… then sit back and watch (with a HUGE smile on your face), while your kids march the ball down the field and score touchdown after easy touchdown.

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Go ahead and place your secure order now! There's absolutely no risk at all, and it'll be the best decision you make all season.



Yes Coach Steve! Give me immediate access to "Total Offensive Skills & Drills" so I can get 139 all-new, killer practice drills that will transform my team into a powerhouse.

I understand this is a limited time offer and I'm getting $200.00 worth of material for only $127.00 $97 (or 3 easy monthly payments of $47 $37).

I also understand that I have 60 days to try out these techniques with my team, and if I'm not 100% impressed with the improvements I see, I can get a complete refund and still keep all 5 videos for FREE!

Finally, I understand that I can access all the material right over my computer screen, just 90 seconds after placing my order.

What an incredible risk free offer! I'd be silly not to act now.

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