From: Coach Steve Tucker

Dear Coach,

  t will mean a lot to me if you could close your office door to avoid interruptions for the next 4 minutes or so.

I want to share with you a simple, proven system for practice planning that will translate directly into more success with your team.

It's the fastest, easiest way to run a top notch youth football practice that combines fundamentals, group work, conditioning and game prep... maximizes the use of your field time... and...

Lemme explain.

The system is designed for youth football teams aged 5-15.

It's easy to customize for any competitive level… and shows you EXACTLY how to plan and execute a killer practice for the off-season, pre-season, mid-season, or playoff time.

It doesn't matter if you've been coaching for decades… or this is the first time you've ever walked on to a football field.

This practice planning system is guaranteed to work like gangbusters for you and your team… or I'll pay for it myself… out of my own pocket!

It worked for Michael Devine in Alhambra, CA… 

"I really enjoyed the breakdowns of how to structure the practice blocks for both offensive and defensive players. I'm confident this system will be our secret wepon this season!" - Michael Devine

It worked for Rashad Morgan in Overland Park, Kansas…

"Awesome stuff. We've gone 4-0 over the past month since implementing your practice planning formula. The kids are loving practice, we're in great shape, and we're playing better than ever on both sides of the ball." - Rashad Morgan

And it worked for Ryan Bowlby in Missouri City, Texas…

"Perfect combination of fun, competition, fundamental skills and game prep. I've already recommended this clinic to all my colleagues (except the ones I play against!)" - Ryan Bowlby

Your instructor is Coach Joe Bouffard… one of the most accomplished - and widely respected - youth football guys on the planet.

Director and Founder of the Youth Football Coaches Association up in Connecticut, a nationally recognized organization with over 299,107 members.

Regular speaker at the world-famous Glazier/Mega Clinics (where coaches shell out $299 just to attend). Loads of championship experience at the youth, high school, and college level.

Okay… here's the deal.

Over the past 16 years, "Coach Bouf" has been hard at work in the trenches… developing, testing, and refining the ultimate system for youth football practice planning success.

And when I heard he FINALLY had the system down to a "tee"… and was ready to get on camera and give up these secrets to regular coaches like you and me, I came running with bells on!

And I'm darn glad I did too. Because I got it ALL. Every one of his jealously guarded tips and techniques for designing and executing a world-class youth football practice.

It's all included inside this brand new 46 minute online video clinic called "Practice Planning For Youth Football."

The #1 rule for planning an effective youth football practice. Instantly eliminates stress and allows you to focus on building fundamental skills! (find it at 1:44)
A cool little "coaching on the fly" trick that helps you correct mistakes and build player confidence between drill repetitions (5:40)
The 3 key practice blocks that MUST be part of your daily practice plan. PLUS… the critical post-practice activity 9 out of 10 coaches forget to do! (9:21)
A step by step practice template that combines stretching, conditioning, agility drills, skill development, team time and play reviews in the best possible order (12:01)
7 critical keys for developing an effective warm-up program (15:09)
How to "disguise" your conditioning drills for maximum fun and participation (your kids will be giggling with so much glee… they'll forget how hard they're working!) (20:25)
An "color by numbers" shortcut for developing your weekly practice plan (22:22)
The single BIGGEST mistake youth football coaches make… and exactly how to avoid it! (24:58)
How much time should you spend on special teams? Coach Bouf gives you the 100% reliable answer to this common question (25:17)
Why you should always use your best athlete as the holder for the place kicker (this amazing secret might surprise you!) (26:56)
An easy way to teach clock management techniques to your team. Gives you an immediately competitive advantage over other teams! (29:45)
How to incorporate individual skills, group periods, team periods, and conditioning periods into your offensive practice plan. Easy to do - even if you're short on assistant coaches! (37:20)
2 critical coaching points that establish a rock-solid defensive foundation… for a super-aggressive, finely tuned defensive unit that will totally dominate your competition! (42:05)

And that's just a small sample.

There's more than 88 SPECIFIC tips and coaching strategies here that work for all levels of youth football. Simple stuff that gets results, immediately, even if you know nothing about practice planning right now.

Now before I go on, I understand that you might be thinking…

But trust me, this is no wild goose chase. This is exactly how Coach Bouf has won the respect and admiration of more than 299,107 coaches, administrators, players, parents, and volunteers.

And why hundreds of real youth football coaches pay big bucks to hear him speak in person… and hang on every word he says.

Master this simple system - which you can do in under an hour - and you'll be hit upside the head with a huge "ah-ha" experience. It's a beautiful thing to finally get the true secrets to youth football coaching success.

What's even better is that this'll work for ANY youth football team - Tiny-Mite… Peewee… Bantam… AAU… Pop Warner… beginner or experienced.

Everything is broken down into simple instructions and explained in PLAIN ENGLISH. So it's easy to use for all ages and competitive levels.

Here's what makes this is a total no brainer for you.

The entire system is presented as an "online video clinic" so you can access everything

There's no out of town seminars to travel to… no boring textbooks to read… and you don't need to wait for anything to show up in the mail.

After your order is processed, you'll be instantly redirected to our secure video clinic download page… where you can access all the material right away.

It's easy too. No "tech" experience required. If you know how to click a mouse, then you have all the skills you need.

(And just in case you run into any problems… I'll be here to help out any time)

You can stream the videos over your Internet connection, or save 'em to your computer. You can even share the online clinic with the rest of your coaching staff… so everyone's on the same page and ready to rock for your very next practice!


Registering for this online clinic gets you complete lifetime access to everything. There are no time limits… no hassles… and no pressure. You learn everything on your own schedule.

Ready to dive in? Here's what to do next!

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Your practices will run smoother than a greased pig on wheels. Your team will have more FUN playing football than you EVER imagined before.

And… you'll win a TON of games this season.

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Coach Steve Tucker

PS - Please remember… this online clinic is fully guaranteed and there's no risk to it whatsoever.

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